Pre-Cum 101 with Shan Boody – What, Where, Why?

Ever wonder why every reliable form of birth-control method is only 97%-99% effective? It’s all about those rascally devils we call sperm. When men ejaculate, they release between 40 million – 1.2 billion sperm, and each of these sperms has one mission. That’s a lot of soldiers and we just don’t have an army sufficient enough to stop them. Shan compares sperm to sand – that sh*t gets everywhere. They can also live inside the vaginal canal or male urethra for 5-7 days. Though it’s hard to be 100% safe, you can increase your safety.
As Shan explains, urine is very acidic, and as it passes through the urethra it makes the urethra a very acidic environment. Sperm and acid do not mix. When a man is aroused, the body produces an jelly-like substance to neutralize the urethra. Some produce enough of this substance for it to present itself at the tip of the penis, others do not. This substance does not contain any sperm itself. When it is flushed through the urethra it can pick up sperm left over from previous ejaculations.
Shan has some advice for you if you’re using the pull-out method. Urinate before sex to flush out any sperm that might be hanging out in the urethra. Urinate after sex for the same purpose. The pull-out method should always be used in tandem with another form of birth-control. The pull-out method provides absolutely no protection against STD’s. If you use the pull-out method, make sure you discuss the possibility of pregnancy.

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