The Truth About Pulling Out

So how effective is pulling out, really? Laci Green breaks it down statistically.

For couples that use the pull-out method accurately every single time they have sex, 4 out of 100 couples become impregnated. So the pull-out method has the potential to be almost 96% effective as a form of birth control. REALITY CHECK: the pull-out method’s actual success rate is 73%. That means that 1 out of every 4 couples that use the pull-out method will get pregnant.

The issue is that if used correctly, the pull-out method can be reasonably effective, but the majority of people are not committing to this execution 100% of the time.

The first mistake that people make is mishandling the pre-ejaculate or “pre-cum”. Pre-cum is fluid excreted from the Cowper’s gland that is used by the body to neutralize the urethra to ensure sperm survival and lubrication for smooth spermy sailing. Pre-cum does not naturally contain any actual sperm, but it can acquire sperm leftover from previous ejaculations as it travels through the urethra. Laci recommends peeing before sex to help clear the urethra of rogue sperm.

The second mistake is timing. It actually takes a lot of experience and self-control to pull-out at the moment of orgasm. It sounds like a simple concept but some can get caught up in the ecstasy at the last second and.. oops.

The third mistake is ejaculating on the outside of the vagina. Ejaculation near or on the vulva can still get your partner pregnant. Sperm are in it to win it and will find a way to get where they need to go.

Laci recommends the pull-out method for committed, monogamous couples who have been mutually tested for STI’s and have a lot of trust in each other. She does not recommend the pull-out method for new couples, those who are sexually inexperienced or those who have not been tested for STI’s.

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