Long-term Love, Short-term Sex?

So, as everyone knows, all relationships begin with a honeymoon period. During this time everything is new and exciting; everything is all sex and cuddling and exorbitant affection. This phase usually lasts between 6 months to 2 years. The conclusion of this phase usually comes with some feelings of stagnation.

Some will feel themselves becoming less excited to engage in sexual activity with their partner and sometimes wondering what it would be like to sleep with someone else. These feelings are normal. Over the course of time, the repetition a committed relationship provides is comforting – but not necessarily a turn on. Human beings crave spontaneity and mystique. Your feelings of love for your partner are stronger than ever, but sexually it’s a snore fest – what do you do?

What you are feeling is actually a biological reaction called hedonic adaptation. Hedonic adaptation is the propensity for humans to adapt to life after change occurs and return emotionally to baseline happiness. The brain’s reaction to repetition of a stimulating event is gradually met with less and less dopamine, making you less likely to actively seek that kind of stimulus.

Get that spark back in your relationship! Things like roleplaying and introducing toys are common ways to spice up a boring sex life, but it’s not just sexual activities that can reinvigorate your romance. Share experiences together – travel, take a class, work-out. Try to venture outside your comfort zone and get to know your partner from a new perspective.

The honeymoon phase includes A LOT of time spent together. Remember: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Make sure you are still an independent entity. It is healthy for a couple to spend time apart.

Learn how to put the spark back into your committed sex life and watch the full video here:

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