How Can You Make A Woman Squirt?

First rephrase the question, “How can I make a woman squirt?“, to, “How can I aid a woman who wants to learn the art of female ejaculation?”.

Jaiya is a sex expert and she is here to answer this question. First, you need to understand the female ejaculation isn’t always squirting. Sometimes it is a small rush of fluid, sometimes it is a large splash of fluid, and sometimes it is fluid squirted out. Ejaculation can look very different for each woman.

Sometimes women can in-jaculate. This means the fluid is reabsorbed by the bladder and she will usually get the urge to pee right after sex. Sometimes the ejaculate is blocked by either fingers or a penis and it light enough not to be noticed.

So how do you help a woman learn the art of female ejaculation? The technique is as follows: Insert the index and middle finger. Extend the middle finger towards the cervix and stimulate the cervical ring, or the A-Spot. Curl the index finger up and anchor it on the G-spot. Pull this finger towards you. Use your thumb to stimulate the urethra. It sounds a bit like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time, it takes some talent.

For the woman wanting to learn, gently tap your urethra while in the shower to get used to the sensation. Once you feel the urge to orgasm, push down with your pelvic floor muscles. Most women clench their pelvic floor muscles inward when orgasming. This doesn’t allow the fluid to escape.

Some women say it’s the best orgasm they have ever experienced. Some are indifferent. Watch the full video here:

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