Tips For Achieving Female Ejaculation

Achieving female ejaculation is possible in almost any sexual encounter, and the long believed thought that this type of ejaculation is a myth is something that is being disproved even by modern medical science. Long ago, when this type of ejaculation was first brought to the attention of scientists, it was widely believed that the ejaculate fluid was made mostly of urine, but more recent studies are disproving this as well. With the proper stimulation, female ejaculation is something that is achievable in many different ways, and learning all of the ways to stimulate to this type of climax is a great way for couples to learn more about one another!

What Causes Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculation is caused by an “inner” female orgasm, which is quite a bit different than the “outer” type achieved by stimulating the clitoris. Clitoral stimulation can be performed in conjunction with inner vaginal stimulation, and this will often result in even more intense orgasms along with the end goal of causing the female to ejaculate.

The area of a woman’s body that you should be focusing on if you want to achieve female ejaculation is also known as the G spot, and this little spot is located on the frontal wall of the vagina about 1 to 3 inches inside. To locate this area, it’s normally best to use your fingers first, and it can be felt quite easily by placing two fingers upwards into the vagina and curling them in a “come here” type of position toward the frontal vaginal wall. That small circular spongy area you’re feeling will be what you need to pay attention to, and with good stimulation, you’ll be rewarded with experiencing this type of ejaculation for yourself.

What this type of stimulation does, by current medical theories, is stimulates the Skene’s glands located on the anterior vaginal wall, and this is where the ejaculate is widely speculated to be produced from. Due to the close proximity of the stimulation area to the urethra, a woman may feel like she has the urge to urinate before ejaculating, but this is simply due to the reaction of nerves and muscles within the region as her body builds itself up for orgasm.

Learning To Achieve Ejaculation

For couples, quite a few different methods can be used to learn to achieve female ejaculation, and this is a process that many couples have a great deal of fun going through. This type of ejaculation can be achieved through manual stimulation, the use of toys, or through intercourse once the proper stimulation is learned, and trying out all methods is something that couples shouldn’t shy away from.

There are many sex toys that provide the proper G spot stimulation needed to achieve female ejaculation, and this can be a great place to start when learning how to cause a female to ejaculate. As always, when mastering female ejaculation, couples should be open to comfortable communication to ensure that the most exciting and satisfying time is had along the journey!

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