How to Find Your Prostate & Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a small gland between the bladder and the rectum. It is most easily accessed through the anus. So what’s the big deal? Why would you want to access it in the first place? The prostate is the male equivalent to the female G-spot. It is absolutely packed with nerve endings. Stimulation of the P-spot can cause incredible orgasms.
Prostate stimulation can cause an orgasm without ever touching the penis. Regular stimulation helps to perfect the “dry orgasm”. A dry orgasm is an orgasm without ejaculation and is the key to male multiple orgasms. Regular stimulation can also help to prevent prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.
To begin the search for the P-spot use a well lubricated finger and massage the area around the anus and perineum. It is important to use lube because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate. Relax the sphincter muscles to make it easier and more comfortable.
The prostate is located 1-2 inches inside the anus and upwards towards the stomach. It will feel like a rounded, raised area with a firmer texture than the surrounding area. Gently massage the area and figure out what movements are the most pleasurable. Once you are comfortable finding the P-spot you can start experimenting with massagers.
P-spot massagers are specifically shaped butt-plugs that are curved to directly touch the prostate. They are narrower at the insertion point and widen out towards the base. It’s important that prostate massagers have a base so that they do not get lost inside. The base will keep it in place during intercourse. The base can sometimes be textured for external stimulation.
As a beginner you might think a thinner toy would be more comfortable. However, a broader toy will provide more stimulation. P-spot massagers come in many different materials such as glass, steel, silicone and skin safe rubber. Some vibrate for extra stimulation. Some come with a beaded insertion point. Some come with a detachable cock ring.
Sammi recommends something like the booty buddy which is made of silicone. It is very soft and flexible for easy insertion and comfort.

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