Realistic Dildos – Why You Need To Add One To Your Toy Collection

Realistic dildos – crazy good or creepy? Some hold them in high-esteem, while other’s find severed-looking penises off putting. There are advantages, however, to using a realistic dildo.

Realistic dildos are very detailed – veins, ridges, pronounced head. These will provide more internal stimulation than a smooth toy. For those that live for the feeling of internal stimulation that penetrative sex provides, these dildos are the perfect substitute. They are just flexible enough to be comfortable and rigid enough to easily insert.

Realistic dildos are based on the real thing, so there are many different lengths and girths available. This allows you to experiment with different sizes than what you are used to. Some of them come with testicles attached. These are for providing external stimulation on the perineum or clitoris while the shaft is in inserted. The balls also work as a handle to hold onto during insertion. If that’s not for you, there are realistic dildos that come with just a shaft.

Most realistic dildos have a suction cup attached at the bottom. This suction cup easily attaches to any flat surface and is intended to provide hands-freeĀ dildo usage. These toys are also compatible with most strap-on harnesses.

If a flesh-colored realistic dildo isn’t visually pleasing for you, they are available in a rainbow of colors. This provides a visual aesthetic while also maintaining all the pleasure benefits of a realistic dildo.

Sammi Cole highly recommends you add at least one realistic dildo to your toy collection.

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