How to Use Nipple Clamps: Part 1

In this series of videos, Sunny Megatron, a expert sexpert from California Exotic Novelties will explain nipple clamps: How to apply them, what body parts they can be used for, safety precautions, how to use them when you are along or with a partner.

Nipple clamps are not just for BDSM or kinky painful sex. They can be, if that is what you’re into. But they can also be used in aid of sensual eroticism. Sunny recommends the First Time Fetish Nipple Teaser nipple clamps. They are classic bullnose style clamps with soft, plastic-covered ends. They open and close just like tweezers. They are completely adjustable to suit your comfort level. Loosening the screw at the base prevents the clamps from closing all the way which means they won’t squeeze as hard.

Sunny recommends trying them on and then adjusting them while they are on your body. To apply the nipple clamps, the nipple must first be erect. Then, gently pinch the areola to isolate the nipple. Close the clamp towards the back of the nipple. If you clamp the nipple too far to the edge it can get really painful. If you have an inverted nipple or nipple piercing, pinch even more of the areola and close the clamp as far back as possible. The further back the clamp goes, the less painful it will be.

In How To Use Nipple Clamps: Part 2, Sunny goes over nipple clamp safety precautions, specific actions you can do with nipple clamps and how to use them both when alone and with a partner.

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