The Key To Squirting

Squirting is an incredible experience for both you and your partner. However, with the controversy that surrounds it she may need some encouragement to relax enough to let it happen. This is the most important key to getting her to squirt. You can have every tip in the book but if she tenses up at a critical moment it won’t work. It all really boils down to locating her G-spot and communication.


Combat Misconception

Sexologists and scientists are still unsure of all the details of squirting though they do agree on the major elements and players. When experts can’t agree there’s sure to be some misinformation mixed in with fact among the general population. The most common is that squirting is caused by urine. This isn’t true but she may have that in her head when you present her with the idea. You’ll need to reassure her that she is not in fact peeing and that when she does feel that sensation as she prepares to squirt she should relax into it and let it happen.


Be Patient

Squirting my look like it takes a matter of minutes in videos but that woman has probably had some practice with it. Some women can take up to 30 minutes to squirt. Make sure you take your time getting her aroused through verbal and physical stimulation. Find out what she likes and what she dislikes to avoid interrupting the mood. It seems counterintuitive but focus on her rather than the destination. Staying in the moment will make it much more enjoyable for you as well.


Work The G-Spot

Squirting is done by stimulating the G-spot into a vaginal orgasm. Once she feels comfortable with what she is about to experience she’ll be in for a very intense orgasm. The G-spot is most easily located when she is lying on your back. You’ll slide a well lubricated finger into her vaginal canal with you palm up. You’ll need to go about 2 inches deep on the front of the vaginal canal to feel for an inflamed area. This is the target. The G-spot requires a considerable amount of pressure to stimulate into an orgasm. Again, you’ll want to communicate with your partner to know what amount she needs.

Communication is critical to making sure she achieves a squirting orgasm. Make sure you do it before, during, and after. She may be coy about it at first but reassure her it’s for her pleasure.

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