3 Squirting Myths Debunked


3 Squirting Myths Debunked

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With so much mystery surrounding squirting orgasms, there’s quite a few myths floating around. If you want to experience female ejaculation with your partner, it’s probably best that both of you separate fact from fiction, and learn what squirting is actually all about. We want to debunk the top 3 squirting myths we hear most often:

  1. There’s a lot of fluid – The squirting you may see in adult films isn’t often the squirting that happens in real life. In the movies, the fluid comes and comes, often shooting distances that are pretty impressive, but don’t feel disgruntled if this isn’t your realistic experience. In truth, only about a tablespoon of fluid comes out on average, and it’s actually more of a dribble than some sort of hose on full power. Of course, however, all women will differ in their squirting orgasm experience.
  2. It’s a special skill – Squirting isn’t some special skill that only the few possess. A Skene Gland and practice is all that is really needed to learn how to squirt, so this is something achievable for most women. With a partner you’re comfortable with, and a bit of fun exploration, squirting is something that can be learned by almost all couples, and then explored further to discover every facet of this new found form of pleasure.
  3. The ejaculate is pee – The most common of all misconceptions is that the fluid that is emitted from a squirting orgasm is pee, and studies have been done to debunk this universal myth. The fluid that makes up female ejaculate is similar in composition to that which makes up semen, and it comes from the Skene Gland instead of the bladder. Women who have recently emptied their bladders can still squirt without having the need to urinate at all. Although, during the process of pushing out a squirting orgasm, a small amount of urine may mix with the fluid due to its movement through the urethra.

When myths are debunked, you get a lot closer to the truth of the squirting orgasm, and the mystery of it all fades away. Squirting orgasms and female ejaculation differs for all women, and what may be experienced with one could be completely different with another. As always, to ensure your best squirting experience, make sure you’re comfortable with your partner and receptive to both her physical and verbal cues.

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