Setting The Mood For A Squirting Orgasm

The only way your first squirting orgasm is a difficult one is if there is stress involved. With all new experiences and forms of stimulation, stress or nerves can make their way into the equation whether they’re wanted or not, but you can set the mood for a squirting orgasm by taking this into consideration. In order to squirt, she has to be completely relaxed, and a few relaxation tips can make the experience better for you both.

Some things to try to set the mood for a squirting orgasm are:

  • Talk about it first – With a partner you’re comfortable with, this shouldn’t be as awkward as it sounds, and it can really make all the difference in terms of personal comfort. This conversation should encompass forms of open communication, physical cues to look for during the act, and ways to alleviate her concerns about making a mess or becoming self-conscious. This talk can really set her mind at ease, and give her a little personal ammunition she can use to tear down any nervous or self-conscious thoughts that peek through while she’s trying to enjoy the moment.
  • Start with a massage – A relaxing massage can wash away all the normal stresses of the day, and release the tension in her body that could be built up without her knowing it. Starting with a massage will also help you to feel closer to each other, and up the level of intimacy you’re feeling with an incredible bit of foreplay.
  • Communicate with her – During the act, don’t leave all the talk up to her; incorporate communication of your own to help her to feel at ease. Reassure her that the result won’t be messy or anything to feel self-conscious about, and that you want it just as badly as she does. Also, however, if she isn’t in the mood to talk at the moment, listen to her physical cues and keep it quiet while she’s trying to focus!


Setting the mood for a squirting orgasm should be a relaxing and open experience for you both, as you release the stress of the day and build up anticipation for what’s to come. It’s also important to note that it may not happen the first time, or the second time, or even the third until some good exploration of her body has been done, and neither of you should feel discouraged if it takes a little more practice!

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