Gender and Sexuality Explained

There are many types of sexuality. Heterosexuals are attracted to the opposite sex. Homosexuals are attracted to the same sex. Bisexuals are attracted both the opposite and the same sex. There is a wide range of sexualities that a lot of people are not
Pansexuals are attracted to all gender and sexual identities. Asexuals don’t feel attracted to anyone but can feel romantic attraction. Romantic attraction does not involve sex. It is the feeling of wanting a close relationship. There are several types of romantic attraction: hetero, homo, bi, pan, and a-romantic.
There is more to gender identity than male and female. Being cisgender means identifying as the sex you are born as. Intersex is when a person is born with both male and female sexual organs. These people can choose what gender they want to identify as, or they can identify as neither. When someone identifies as neither male or female, they are non-binary.
Those who identify as a different gender than their biological gender are transsexual. Transsexuals have changed their looks and genitalia. Transgendered people have changed their looks only. Neither of these are drag, which is a performance art.
If you are not sure how a person identifies, the best thing to do is ask. It’s important to use gender correct pronouns, so if you aren’t sure, use “they” or “them”. If you are having issues figuring out your sexual identity, that’s okay. Find the right support system to aid you through your confusion.
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