How To Make Love To Your Wife

There is sex, and then there is making love. If you’re wondering how to make love to your wife, there are things you can do to turn a sex session into a sensual and all-encompassing experience sure to leave her wanting more and more. The main difference between making love to your wife and having sex with your wife is that love making pays attention to all of the senses, and causes you to almost get lost in the experience as a whole. Some tips to get all 5 senses involved are:

  • Sight – Mood lighting, candles, or incorporating lingerie or costume play is a great way to start off a great lovemaking session. Providing and taking in an exciting visual can really help to get the blood flowing and build that tension and desire.
  • Sound – Music or mood-setting sound can really set the stage for lovemaking, and give you a romantic atmosphere that builds wonderfully on the intimacy between you both. This sound doesn’t have to be manufactured or “put on”, either, and simply taking in the sounds of your own breathing can do the trick perfectly.
  • Taste – Taste is a big part of lovemaking, and you can incorporate tastes you bring in to the bedroom or simply observe and reflect on the natural tastes you’re experiencing during foreplay or intercourse.
  • Smell – Aromatherapy can be brought into lovemaking really easily, and there are scents you can find to bring about any feeling or mood. For relaxation, lavender is known to work well, and a recent study performed by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that women tend to have a natural sexual reaction to the smell of fresh cucumber.
  • Touch – Most important of all the senses during lovemaking is touch, and the best way to ensure you’re making the most of touch is to pay attention to her nonverbal cues. Is she moaning? Pushing away? Holding you tighter? When you’re touching her in just the right areas, she will let you know whether she is conscious of the fact or not.


Incorporating all of the senses into sex to create a mind-blowing lovemaking session with your wife isn’t difficult, and with creative touches, you can keep things fresh for years and years of marriage. When you learn how to make love to your wife, you’ll find that your sexual and sensual connection grows deeper than it ever has before.

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