Are Gushing Orgasms Real?

A gushing orgasm, or a climax that causes the woman to “gush” ejaculate from her vagina during intercourse or other sexual activities, is often written off as porn fodder, but many don’t realize that this is an intense experience able to be achieved for most women. While a gushing orgasm may take a little more finesse when compared to an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, this is an effort worth undertaking, and many women cite gushing orgasms as some of the most intense they have ever had in their lives.

To learn a bit more about the gushing orgasm, one will first have to learn a little more about just where the gush comes from. Small glands located inside a woman’s vaginal area, between the vaginal canal and the urethra, called the Skene’s glands are what actually produce the ejaculate being gushed, and these glands are stimulated to build up fluid during G spot play and general arousal. During foreplay, the Skene’s glands will start to create and build more fluid as the woman grows more and more aroused, and this natural process is amplified by G spot stimulation due to the close proximity of the areas. One common misconception is that the gush is actually made of urine, but the truth is actually found in these little glands. The Skene’s glands will typically produce anywhere from 1 teaspoon full, to a couple of tablespoons full of fluid, and the over dramatic tidal-wave like gush often seen in porn is typically the result of a little Hollywood magic.

Scientifically, gushing orgasms are very real, and many women can and will attest to their validity. In order to give a woman a gushing orgasm, some care should be taken, and this involves care to the body as well as to the mind. The single largest reason that women find these orgasms difficult to achieve is because stress, inhibitions, and self-consciousness cause them to repress this urge to climax and gush, but this should be something that is celebrated rather than stigmatized.

Before attempting to give a woman a gushing orgasm, make sure she knows that this is a goal that you’re okay with and looking forward to, and that she has no reason to feel reserved or like she needs to repress the urges she feels. Also, the feeling of a gushing orgasm can be similar to the urge felt when a woman needs to urinate, so having her use the bathroom before getting down to business, and reminding her that this feeling is natural, is a great way to keep her mind at ease as tension begins to build.

A gushing orgasm will often take a little bit of practice for those who are inexperienced, and a couple should never feel discouraged if it doesn’t happen on the first time. During your journey into learning all about the gushing orgasm, it’s also a great idea to incorporate G spot stimulating toys or exciting new methods of foreplay, as this can provide the level of anticipation and stimulation she needs to really let loose.

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