How To Eat Out A Vagina LIKE A PRO

YouTube’s star and sex advisor Ashley Elizabeth divulges how to eat out a vagina like a pro. She gives tips for both the person who is receiving the cunnilingus and the person who is giving it. So, stick around for the advice that applies to you, dear reader.

The Receiver

Those of you with vaginas, relax. Just make sure you stay hygienic. Vagina itself self-cleans, but your vulva does not. So clean out your vulva with water or wipes that are safe to use down there. Once you get turned on, vaginas smell like sex. So, don’t be self-conscious about your pussy. The smell of sex is aphrodisiac. As long as it is a good relationship, your partner will be turned on to see you aroused.

Also, make sure you are masturbating. Get comfortable with playing with yourself to learn what you like and don’t like. Get acquainted with the anatomy down there. The better you know your body, the better you know what you enjoy. Then, when your partner is going down on you, you can guide them and let them know of your sweet spots and preferences.

The Giver

Be mindful of your stubble, if you have one. It takes around ten days for a beard to reach the level where it’s soft to the touch. Unshaved face irritates skin, and especially her privates. The best advice is to either grow your beard or keep shaving. Short facial hair hurts, and you don’t want to be giving rub burns to your woman now, would you?

Be enthusiastic. Show your partner that you are enjoying the process. A lot of women are sensitive about their vaginas, so it’s important to tell them how sexy it is and how excited you are to be eating them out. You can also say things like how good they taste and smell. Never make it look like you are doing this person a favor. You should be into it just like they should be into going down on you. It should be something that’s exciting, not a chore. You do it when you want to.

Communicate. This key point can never be stressed enough in any form of relationship. Make sure you are openly communicating about your desires. Don’t assume you know exactly what this person wants, because vaginas are different and everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Generally, it’s good to start with stimulating clitoris, but ask if you are not sure. Don’t shut down when they guide you, even if you have not asked for it. You want them telling you what they want, so that you can better understand their body and bring them to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Speaking of which, if you want them to climax, be consistent. Pay attention to her body language and vocal cues. If she is moaning and writhing in pleasure, don’t stop and don’t switch it up. Keep doing what you were doing, because if you have her moaning, clearly your techniques are working, and you ARE a pro.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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