7 Exercises for an Empowered Penis

Men tend to empower themselves and gain confidence through their sexual prowess. Certain things, like lasting longer in bed, having more erections and ejaculating more, make men feel better about themselves. Here are 7 ways you can empower yourself and your penis.

#1 Physical and Emotional Health

Good health is the foundation of a good penis. If you are unhealthy, your sex drive will severely diminish. In fact, a low sex drive is a symptom of many different illnesses. Cut out processed foods and stick to fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink lots of water and exercise daily. Do breathing exercises to connect your body with your mind. Try to relax. High levels of stress can lead to erectile dysfunction.

#2 Increase the Size and Sensibility of Your Penis

There is a concept that has been used in Eastern cultures for centuries. The men who have tried it claim that they have been able to increase the length and girth of their penises. As you know when blood flow is increased to the penis, an erection occurs. There are 2 chambers on the outer sides of the penis called the corpora cavernosa and 1 in the center on the penis called the corpora spongiosum. The length and girth are decided by the corpora cavernosa. Since erections are just an engorgement of blood in the genitals, by increasing the area to which the blood flows you can increase the size of the penis. There are specific herbs and exercises Adina recommends, both of which are secrets she only reveals during her Penis Magic course.

#3 Testicle Massage

Massaging the testicles helps to release more testosterone. It will also strengthen your erections, increase seminal fluids and increase your sexual energy. Adina again has secret exercises she won’t reveal but encourages you to experiment with whatever feels comfortable.

#4 Masturbate Less Frequently

Frequent masturbation is notorious for desensitizing the penis. For men over 30, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain an erection without the exact sensations provided during masturbation. During masturbation, you tend to have more intense orgasms. This may ruin the experience you share with your partner. Adina recommends masturbating only for stimulation and do not let yourself reach orgasm. This will increase your sexual energy and help to reduce the desensitization.

#5 Increase Your Sexual Power

Ginger helps to increase blood flow throughout the whole body, including the penis. Other interesting herbal supplements are Palmetto, Yohimbe, maca, and ginseng. All of these expand the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow to the corpora cavernosa which can increase penis size. In addition, limit coffee, cigarette and sugar intake.

#6 Increase Your Staying Power

In the bedroom, nothing is more disappointing than not being able to achieve or maintain an erection. Having an orgasm too quickly is also frustrating. If you feel you are coming too quickly, use your left hand and place the index finger and thumb around the base of the shaft. Apply pressure with the index finger on the underside of the penis. With the right hand, use the index finger and thumb to gently squeeze the tip of the penis 36 times.

#7 Make Your Semen Better

To most women, the color, smell, and taste of a man’s semen is important. Semen should be thick and white with a mild odor and taste. But if your semen is gray or yellow, bitter or salty with a foul odor, or clear and watery – these are all signs of ill health. Healthy diet and exercise are key to healthy semen. You can make your semen taste better by eating cinnamon, pineapple or licorice root. Avoid dairy, processed foods and refined sugars. Increase the quantity of your semen by masturbating for stimulation purposes and not reaching orgasm.

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