How to Identify A Suspicious Bump on Your Junk

It has happened to almost everyone – a red, painful bump appears on the genitals or surrounding area. It might just be a pimple or ingrown hair. But how do we rule out potentially harmful infections or diseases?

If you are concerned about a spot that has appeared in your nether regions, please contact your healthcare provider and they will run the appropriate tests. This video will provide potential options as to what the bump could be and how to tell the difference between them.


Pimples are pores that get clogged and create a small red bump – sometimes with a white head. These should go away on their own within a few days if you don’t bother with them. Pimples can be connected to a diet high in starch and sugar. Changing your diet and improving your hygiene can reduce the┬ánumber of pimples you get.


Ingrown hairs appear similar to pimples except they have a hair growing within them. They usually occur if you have recently removed hair from the area, regardless of the method used. If it is causing a lot of pain take an anti-inflammatory and apply a hot compress. If you can redirect the hair with a pair of tweezers, do so very carefully. Ensure your hands and tweezers are very clean.


These are sores you do not want to mess around with – no poking or squeezing. To identify them observe the following characteristics:

  • You have had them before.
  • They always appear in the same place.
  • You knowingly came in contact with someone who has herpes.
  • The first symptom is tingling and itchiness.
  • The bump gets progressively worse before getting better.

The herpes sore cycle begins with red sores that will swell and release clear fluid. You might feel irritable or feverish during this time. You will experience burning and discomfort. The sores will eventually dry up, scab over and fall off on their own.

You can go to any walk-in clinic and asked to be tested if you are not sure and they will prescribe you medication. These medications do not cure herpes – there is no cure. The medicine simply cuts the cycle length by half. There are over-the-counter medications as well. However, these do not always work and in some cases have made the symptoms worse.

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