How to Use a Sex Swing

Dr. Doe is here to explain the basics of using a sex swing. This model attaches to the back of a door. Her first tip is to make sure to use a study door. Upon opening the box you will find a bunch of straps and 2 plastic tubes. Hang the straps with the tubes over the door. Close the door and lock it for privacy.
If your sex swing has a seat it will be in the center of the door. There will be handles near the top and stirrups below for your feet. The most basic position is to sit on the seat and put your feet in the stirrups. Your hands can go anywhere – your partner, the handles, the straps. This position is optimal for vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or strap-on sex.
The stirrups are very strong. You can use them to stand up or squat. It’s still important to be careful as it is easy to lose your balance.
Standing you can receive oral sex from someone sitting on the seat. You can also face the door and squat. You can move the seat to your back and leverage your feet on the door. Dr. Doe demonstrates several other positions you can use with a sex swing.
When you are finished playing, unlock and open the door. Slide the tubes off the top of the door and neatly wrap the straps up for next time.

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