Foreplay Tips For Men

Dan Thomas, a professional personal stylist and image consultant, gives some foreplay tips for men.

The big mistake the guys are prone to make is diving right into the hot spots, such as nipples and the erogenous zones in the nether region. The trick is to stimulate other parts of her body first before you even touch those areas. This way you are teasing her in a good way and building positive sexual tension.

Imagine watching your favorite sports game, when suddenly she takes the remote and fast-forwards toward the end. Won’t this frustrate and annoy you? That’s exactly how it feels when men go straight for the kill, instead of taking time to open her up with a legit foreplay.

A few minutes of foreplay is not going to satisfy most women, so let’s see how we can improve this!

The best way to start a foreplay is by giving her around a ten-minute massage. Rub her neck, back, bottom and legs. You can also use oil or cream to commit to this fully. Have you ever had a massage done at a spa? Go ahead and save up for it, so that you can get a better idea of how amazing it feels. When your partner can do this for you, you can’t help but fall for them deeper and deeper.

After a massage, you can turn her on her back, and start kissing her lips. Let your hands roam all over her body, avoiding her breasts and privates. Then, kiss her neck, her shoulder; lick and nibble on her earlobe. Work your way down her body with your kisses, stimulating her arms, her thighs, all the while staying away from her bosom and core to keep teasing.

Do this for about ten minutes, before you move up for her lips and start touching her private parts. Very soft and gentle at first. Foreplay should be a marathon, not a sprint. Before you get into a penetrative sex, invest your time in oral sex – the last stage of foreplay. Cunnilingus should last for at least 15 minutes minimum, and a foreplay overall should be no shorter than 30 minutes.

Remember gentlemen, women like a variety of speed, rhythm and direction in the beginning, but consistency in the end. When you sense she is close to orgasm, maintain that position and speed until she comes. And, boy oh boy, if you do spend time in prepping her for a mind-blowing sex, you will have a very happy woman by your side.

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