How To Make A Woman Wet

While you get hard, women get wet, and the best way to learn how to make a woman wet is to learn a little bit about why she gets wet in the first place. First off, when arousal occurs, blood flows to the genitals. In men, this blood flow creates an erection, but in women in stimulates a gland located between the vulva and the vagina called the Bartholin’s Gland, which emits a clear and slippery fluid that is quite a bit different from vaginal discharge. You’ll notice that this fluid spreads easily, and sticks around to lubricate the entire vaginal area for sex.

Without this wetness, sex can be incredibly uncomfortable for women, as the friction burns and tears at delicate skin. The best way to get this wetness going is to get the blood flowing, and you can create a good blood flow by using both physical and metal means. The type of arousal methods your woman enjoys will depend on her personal likes and dislikes, and while one woman may love one method, another could prefer something completely different.

Making a woman wet through touch is a great way to get the job going while you’re together, but what about when you’re not? Stimulating and intellectual conversation that is attentive to her and her voice is a really effective way to make a woman wet without being physically present, as are dirty little text messages that really build the tension. Don’t send photos or anything too explicit, but instead tease her and turn her on slowly with what you want to do to her, what you love about her body, and how badly you cannot wait to be reunited with her again.

If you are together and able to touch, there are a ton of ways to go about making your woman wet. Touching her well known and lesser-known erogenous zones, massaging her, and simply being close to her and building an intimate connection can really get her blood flowing in all the right directions. Also, you can simply ask her what makes her wet, and listen to her physical cues as you carry out her most personal desires.

When it comes to how to make a woman wet, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method, but there are a multitude of fun ways to explore. To get the blood flowing, try physical and non-physical methods, and explore what really turns you both on!

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