How To Get Your Girlfriend To Have Sex With You

If you’re wondering how to get your girlfriend to have sex with you, you need to put your focus in two areas: her physical connection to you, and more importantly, her mental or emotional connection. Women’s arousal and sexual comfort depends heavily on her mental and emotional state, much more so than men, so this is where you want to focus first before building on that physical side. Once you’ve established trust in these two areas, your sex life has the healthy and strong foundation you need to create many memorable nights.

Building this emotional connection takes some time, and some effort on your part, but it makes all the difference in creating a sexual comfort level and desire. The best way to build this connection is simply to communicate, and to create a judgement-free zone where she can be herself. When she speaks to you during conversation, listen to her and look in to her eyes, and make sure that you’re creating genuine intimacy with a natural progression into trust you both can enjoy. While having conversation it’s also important to give her a chance to speak, and to participate in topics that serve both of your interests.

Once an emotional connection has been built, you can then begin to work on the physical aspects. Put her mind at ease and take things slow, taking care to listen to her physical and verbal cues regarding what she likes and what she may not care for. Not only will this help her to build a physical sense of trust, but you can explore her body and learn what works to entice her and arouse her.

These tips aren’t only to be used during the early stages of a relationship, although that is when they are most important. During all stages of a relationship, as we change and grow, it’s important to keep these physical and emotional connections fresh and strong, making these habits ones that should be kept up with your girlfriend for the entire duration of your time together. Keeping this trust in place will open you both up sexually, bringing to light a whole world of intimate possibility you can both explore and enjoy. When it comes to how to get your girlfriend to have sex with you, the better the connection, the better the physical relationship is going to be!

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