The Truth About Female Orgasm

This video combines the expertise of sexologist Shan Boodram and Youtuber Ricky Shucks to unveil the mystery of the female orgasm. By incorporating both the male and female perspectives, Shan and Ricky are able to cover a variety of issues concerning the female orgasm and aid any combination of sexual partners.

The female orgasm has always been shrouded in obscurity.It’s complicated!It’s difficult!It’s – hey, shut up. No it’s not. Listen up, because Shan is about to drop some knowledge.

Let’s talk facts: 2/3 of women are unable to reach orgasm via penetration alone. Unicorns are extinct, Santa’s not real, and porn is fake. The kicker: 99.999% of women will orgasm from clitoral stimulation. However, during sexual relations, a lot of women will fake an orgasm in the interest of pleasing her partner.


DON’T FAKE IT. If you know what works for you, let your partner know. If you don’t, take some time to figure yourself out, and THEN let your partner know. Your partner might go slightly flaccid in the ego department, but once they can get the job done, your partner will have an ego-rection.

So, ladies – how do you figure out what works for you if you have never achieved orgasm? Here is Shan’s advice: Run the bathroom faucet, straddle that sink and let the water run over your clit. She is guaranteeing magic. Level unlocked: First Orgasm!

Now to really unlock the secrets of your mystical vagina, here is Shan’s simple how to:
-Open up both the labia majora and minora.
-That little button at the top? Say hello to your clitoris.
-Different people prefer different speeds and intensities, but a consistent up and down petting motion should do the trick.

For partners, Shan and Ricky recommend teasing around the clit area first to build up tension, the same way you would with a male to stimulate an erection. They also recommend adding 2 fingers upwards and inwards for some g-spot action.

Get a pen and paper and watch the full video below!

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