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How To Make My Wife Horny

Getting your wife riled up can seem pretty puzzling, but there is plenty you can do to make sure your wife is ready when you are. When it comes to how to make your wife horny, it really all starts with what turns her on personally, and different women will have completely different things that turn them on. To figure out what your wife likes, open up comfortable lines of communication, or try different things to see how her body reacts.

One thing you can try, which can be done anywhere and at any time, doesn’t have to involve any touching at all. For early foreplay that happens even hours before sex, simply stare her in the eyes. Don’t stare at her chest, or look her up and down, but create a line of intimacy by looking deep into her eyes either while touching her or simply having conversation. Such a simple little thing can be incredibly powerful, and make her weak at the knees with only a simple effort on your part.

If you’re apart for the day but you still want to get your wife horny early on, send her a little message or an email that tells her just what you’re thinking about, or what you love about her. While she’s at work or away, this little reminder can put her mind on the right track, and allow her imagination to run wild with thoughts of what will happen when you’re both back together again. Texts without photos typically have the best impact in a “less is more” sort of way, so drop a few words to her and sit back knowing you’re teasing her in all the right ways. Additionally, this is a great way to build up suspense for activities to come later.

Now that we have a method without touching, and a method that works while you’re apart, let’s get to something you can do while you’re together and involves a little physicality. Massage can be a wonderful way to relax her, make her horny, and build a closer connection all at once. As you’re rubbing her down, focus on her erogenous zones and make sure to tell her all about the parts you love on her most. Telling her she is beautiful as she feels your touch and your connection building will drive her wild to get to the main event!

How To Get Your Girlfriend Horny

If you’re wondering how to get your girlfriend horny, the short answer is that there are as many ways as there are women in the world. Each woman will have their individual likes and dislikes in terms of how to get turned on, and it’s your job to figure out just what ways work best for her. If you’re not sure how to start, we have a breakdown that can get you from the beginning of the day until you’re at home and in bed.

Early on in the day when you’re apart from one another, if you’re apart from one another, it’s time to start the sexual tension building. Doing this will ensure that once you’re finally together again you won’t be able to take your hands off one another, and it’s really incredibly simple to do. When you have a moment during your workday or during any daytime activity when you may be apart, send her a little text message saying what you love about her and what you’d like to do to her later on. Tease her a little bit, but send no photos, and sit back knowing that you’re driving her wild.

When you finally see one another you can continue building this tension pretty easily. While she’s telling you about her day, stare deeply into her eyes and give her your full attention, rather than looking away at other activities or looking her body up and down. You’ll be amazed at how well and how simply this continues to keep the sexual tension going while also building a sense of intimacy and true connection. Intellectually, this will help her to get her mind in the right place for arousal and mind-blowing sex.

After the tension is so high you’re ready to snap, and you’re ready to add in touch, pay close attention to all of her erogenous zones. We all know about nipples, lips, and butts, but what about inner elbows, wrists, earlobes, or the backs of knees? These highly sensitive areas can send chills down her spine when met with the right touch, and these new sensations will really drive her wild. While incorporating touch, make sure to pay attention to her physical cues to determine what she likes, what might not be working, and what could use a little more attention. This method can be taken into the main show and beyond as well, as you tantalize all of her senses.

Pussy Massage Techniques


Pussy Massage Techniques

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The female sex organ can seem very complex if you don’t take the time to fully examine it. Also consider that no two women find the same thing pleasurable and it can be difficult to ensure that every encounter with a woman will end in her singing your praises. However, getting to know the basic anatomy of a woman’s pussy will put you at a greater advantage to quickly find out what she does want in an experience with you. If she’s not very vocal try to pay attention to her breathing. Does it quicken when you massage a certain area of her pussy? Does it become shallower? If yes, chances are she is more than likely enjoying what you’re doing. Another indicator is her body movement. Does she press herself into you? Is she wiggling more? Again, these could be signs she wants more. If you’re unsure, ask her. In any case here are a few tips that will help you get started in the right direction.

Use lubrication. This is critical. A woman’s vagina is highly sensitive. Friction in that area without lubrication is definitely not pleasurable. If she’s into you but her body isn’t producing it’s own natural lubrication feel free to reach for your own. You can use, synthetic lube, natural oils like olive, or your own saliva. Whatever you and your partner feel comfortable with choosing, just don’t go without it.

Work from the outside in. Start by gently massaging her lips with your fingertips and make sure to make contact from her pubic bone just above the clitoris and all the way down to just above her anus. It’s okay to apply some pressure by kneading one side of the vaginal opening and then the other. Occasionally use your pointer and middle fingers to apply light pressure around the clitoris. As you make your way to her vaginal opening, start by slowly introducing one finger to explore.

Check in with your partner. Connecting with your partner builds intimacy. Give her some occasional eye contact and let her know that you are also enjoying the process.

Remember to be patient and not to rush this process of arousal. This slow build up can be pleasurable for both you and your partner. Ask her if she is enjoying herself. Communication will be your best tool when exploring her body. Most of all, have fun!

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