2 Techniques To Teach Your Wife To Squirt


2 Techniques To Teach Your Wife To Squirt

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Squirting might seem like something reserved for adult films to put on a “big show”, but in truth nearly all women can squirt. Teaching your wife to squirt really only takes a bit of patience and some fun exploration, and most likely, she’ll soon find that she has the ability to put on her own “big show” as well. Teaching your wife to squirt can be a really fun undertaking by the both of you, and there are a couple of techniques you can use to ensure a comfortable and positive experience.

The first technique is to use your fingers, and this is what you should be doing first to locate her G spot and figure out what type of stimulation it takes to set off her Skene’s Gland. The G spot is also known as the female prostate, and it’s what requires a little attention if you want to stimulate her Skene’s Gland and lead her to a squirting orgasm. To find the G spot you don’t need a roadmap, just a little guidance and to remember what you’re looking for.

Have her lay on her back with her knees up and legs opened wide, so you can enter her with some depth easily. With your palm facing up, insert a finger or two into her vaginal opening and feel for a small squishy walnut sized area that feels a bit different on the upper vaginal wall. The G spot will feel a little harder and a little bumpier than the rest of what you’re feeling, and it will begin to swell and firm as she grows more aroused. When you find the area, use a “come hither” motion to stimulate it, while paying attention to her verbal and non-verbal communication to determine what she likes. Some women prefer rougher and speedier stimulation while others prefer something lighter and slower.

Once you figure out where the G spot is and what type of stimulation it likes, you can then move on to technique number 2, which is toys. There are a plethora of toys on the market that focus strongly on G spot simulation, and these can provide an entirely new experience in intense and memorable squirting orgasms. These toys may rub, vibrate, or push on the G spot, and the one that is right for her is the one that mimics the sensation she likes best.

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