The Mystery of the Female Orgasm

Some people just can’t figure this stuff out – so here are some tips on how to help her reach the female orgasm.

First of all, good vibes outside the bedroom equal good vibes inside the bedroom. If there is any stress or conflict in your relationship, that stuff is going to affect her ability to fully relax during sex. Communication is the hottest form of foreplay, use it regularly.

Take your time! Laci recommends paying attention to the entire body (nipples, back, thighs, neck) with a variety of sensations (touching, kissing, oral). Don’t think of everything that comes before penetrative sex as foreplay. Think of the whole experience as sex and be engaged in every part of it.

This is a given, but get to know the female anatomy! There’s this thing called the clit and it’s kind of a big deal. You can access it externally – it looks like a little button and it located at the top of the vagina.  You can also access it internally via the G-spot – 2 inches inside the vagina and push upwards with a “come here” motion. Don’t immediately go for this area though – slow it down and she will be more aroused by the time you get there.

Two words: Gentle and Lubricated. The external clitoris is extremely sensitive. So sensitive that you can actually hurt it if you work it too hard. Make sure you use a lubricant or saliva and use gentle motions (unless your partner tells you otherwise).

To reiterate, communication is key. Ask her what she likes; what feels good. Try some different sensations out and get her to rate them on a pleasure scale from 1 – 10. Keep the conversation going outside the bedroom about what worked, fantasies and what else you’d like to try together.

In porn what you will see a lot of the time is when the female is approaching orgasm, her male partner will speed up whatever action he is doing. This might work for some people, but for the majority, steady and consistent motion is required to achieve orgasm.

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