Oil Based Lube and Latex Condoms

Here’s an important safe-sex tip that absolutely everyone should know: YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT USE OIL BASED LUBRICANT WITH LATEX CONDOMS.

Okay? I mean never¬†ever.¬†Here’s Why:

Within 1 minute of contact between oil and latex can cause, “90% deterioration in the strength of condoms“. Now, while there isn’t much of an answer in regards to why this happens, we know it definitely, DEFINITELY happens. The best answer that anyone can come up with is that oil weakens the molecular structure of the latex. Again, there isn’t a lot of research on why this reaction occurs. In this video, though, you can see it in action.

Kara Sutra, in her video series Sex 102, decides to answer a viewer question: Can you use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms. To make it clear why that is a very bad idea, Kara performs an experiment. She applies a latex condom to her hand and dips it into a container of baby oil. By just applying the oil, Kara can already see the condom deteriorating. A few pulls are all it takes, and the condom begins to break into pieces. Now, think about the added stress actual sex puts on the condom. Oil lubricant and constant friction – that latex condom is toast.

This is very important sexual education that everyone should know. It would be horrible for anyone making the safe decision to use a condom and have that decision dashed because of the wrong lubrication. Make sure to always use water-based lubes and to carefully read lube packaging to make sure.

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