Shower Sex – It’s Debatable!

Shower sex – on one hand, it is sexy, slippery fun! On the other, it’s dangerous and risky! Buzzfeed debates the value of having sex in the shower.

There are many positive aspects to shower sex:

  • For long term couples, shower sex is an easy way to spice things up without too much effort.
  • There nothing in the way – sheets, blankets, clothes. You have complete visual and physical access to the entire naked body.
  • Water does magical things to the human body. Sexiness amped up to 11.
  • It’s a 2 for 1 – get it on and get clean all in one go!
  • The bathroom has amazing acoustics for those who enjoy hearing the sounds of pleasure.
  • It’s extremely intimate to invite someone into the shower with you as it is usually a solo venture with a different mission.
  • You don’t have to worry about clean up when you are finished.
  • Shower sex is a great way to enjoy sex on your period without getting messy.

In turn, there is also a solid case against shower sex:

  • Do you live with other people? Your parents or roommates? It’s weird to think that they might have got it on in your shared shower. It’s probably weird for them to wonder if you have too.
  • Showers are where people wash. There is a ton of bacteria you are exposing yourself to.
  • Showers are great for having some alone time. Relax in the warm water, sing your favorite song or get your schedule straight in your head.
  • You are putting yourself at risk when you have shower sex. You could very easily slip and seriously injure yourself due to increased movement and misdirected attention.
  • Water is NOT a good lubricant. In fact, the natural lubricating fluids produced by the body are broken down by water. The more water added, the less slippery these fluids are. That kind of friction does not feel good. If you are using a condom, there is the added risk of it breaking due to insufficient lubrication.
  • Soap is not a good lube either. It can really sting and if you get soap far enough inside your vagina, you can develop a serious infection.
  • Timing can be tricky as well. Is it a quickie or a session? The water is going to be cold by the time you get out.
  • Depending on the shower, it can get crowded and difficult to position yourselves properly.
  • It’s difficult to share the water equally. Someone will end up cold and someone will be drowning.

What are your thoughts on shower sex?

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