6 Important Facts about Period Sex

Period Sex: yes, it’s a thing! Put the pain and mess of a woman’s period together with the vim and vigor of sex and you get period sex. Here are 6 facts about period sex you need to know before doing the deed.
1. There will be blood
There will not suddenly be a pool of blood you’re having sex in. The blood will only be as heavy as her flow. If you’re having sex on a light flow day, there may not be any blood at all. On heavier days, putting a towel down will prevent messes.
2. Your partner can still go down on you
For most women, it’s a lot easier to orgasm via hand or mouth play than penetrative sex. But, of course, she is bleeding down there. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with it, but if you are, keep a towel handy or do it in the shower. You can also use a dam to prevent mess.
3. Don’t wear a tampon
Okay, so the tampon goes in the same hole as the penis. Wearing a tampon will either block entry or get pushed too far into the vagina. This can cause painful and difficult removal.
4. It can cure cramps!
It can be the last thing on someone’s mind when they are in cramp agony, but it works! Exercise helps with cramps. Sex is a form of exercise and thus helps with muscle contractions.
5. You can still get pregnant.
Yes, a woman can still get pregnant while on her period. It’s less likely, but completely possible. Sperm can live inside the vagina for 5-7 days after ejaculation, and they are on a mission. So after the completion of the period, those little buggers can still swim their way towards the egg. If you want to stay baby-free, protect yourself from disease and keep your junk clean, wear a condom.
6. Period sex is only gross if you say so.
Even if you’re okay with period sex, your partner may think otherwise. Some may not understand the biology of whats going on down there. For others, it may be the sight of blood that turns them off. Clear, effective communication with your partner is the solution.

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