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Cervical Orgasms in 3 Easy Steps

YouTube’s famous sexpert and “the Headmistress of Pleasure” as seen in Women’s Health Magazine Layla Martin talks about cervical orgasms. Layla has studied sexuality at Stanford University and in the jungles of Asia with Tantric masters, so her knowledge on the subject is vast and noteworthy. She has been featured on the Huffington Post, CBS, Playboy, etc. Are you convinced already to keep on reading? Alright, let’s talk cervical orgasms now.

Yes, they ARE possible, and yes, EVERY woman can have it. So, don’t worry, if you or your woman is unable to have one right now. Just follow the three easy steps mentioned in this video that help unlock the cervical orgasm potential.

Step #1. Slow Down.
Think of the cervix as the glands of her clitoris, but deep inside her vagina. So, going hard and fast during intercourse to stimulate her cervix is NOT the way to do it. Hard and fast can occasionally feel pleasurable, but note the word – occasionally. It’s important to mix things up.

Step #2. Thrust Properly.
Think of thrusting using your hips with slow circular movements so that the tip of your penis or dildo is making very steady, circular motions right on her cervix. Or, you can do very subtle in and out movements. In this instance, the penetration is like 1/10th of the normal speed. You can even hold your cock or a dildo right up against her cervix while gazing into her eyes. Holding her and allowing her to breathe can do a lot for unlocking the cervical orgasm.

Step #3. Relax, Relax, Relax…
If she has tension in her cervix and it gets bumped during sex, it will feel painful or uncomfortable. For most women to relax her cervix, they have to do the energy clearing. Using sound to let out wild noises, sometimes growl, sometimes sobs and tears from long, long ago. These steps are necessary to release what’s causing the underlying tension, and get to a state of openness and pleasure. Holding your woman through this process and letting her know how okay it is for her to let everything go is super important for this process.

Now that you know how to give your woman a cervical orgasm, go ahead and have fun with it! Until next time, my friends!

How To Pleasure A Woman With Your Fingers and Hands

Did you know your hands can be equally as good as your penis at giving pleasure to your woman? That is, of course, if used correctly. So, let’s talk about how to pleasure your lady with your fingers and hands.

No matter how incredible you might be with your cock, you’d wanna know how to give her an orgasm with just your hands. Maybe, your boner needs a break after the first or the second round, while she is all hot and bothered. Or, maybe you two are in your car outside and feeling a little naughty. Whatever the scenario, a man who knows how to pleasure his woman with more than his penis is a man a woman would definitely want to keep.

Marni Kinrys, a professional wing girl and the founder of the Wing Girl Method, gives us advice on how to properly finger our ladies. So, let’s get started.

Step #1 – Hygiene.

Before you even get close to touching your woman, make sure your hands are clean, and your nails are trimmed and filed. You don’t want her walking away with possible cuts or infection. It’s also important to note that if you insert your finger in her anus, that finger should not touch her pussy until cleaned with soap. There is a very high possibility of her getting an infection, if you do not follow this basic protocol. Be mindful of where your fingers are going and make sure they are clean!

Now that we have covered the hygiene, let’s get into the juicy stuff.

Step #2 – Go slow and touch softly.

A woman’s vagina is like a delicate flower that needs special attention and gentleness to open up and bloom. Women are different than men, as in they can’t dive right in the sexual act unless they are properly stimulated.

This step is all about prepping a woman so that she is ready for your fingers. Your hands don’t come close to her vagina until you have carefully prepped and teased her entire body. Marni calls this “teasing the V”. And, the more you invest in the foreplay, the more intense her orgasm is going to be.

Picture yourself holding a flower in your hand. You touch the outside of the petals first, gently caressing them, allowing her to open up at her own pace. Do not rush this process, and make sure you are rubbing her with the pads of your fingers and never the tips. You want this to be a pleasurable experience and not a painful one. Once you feel her starting to get wet, you move to –

Step #3 – Raking.

Once you prepped a woman, and she is wet and ready for you, it’s time to start raking. Using your fingers, you rake her juices in upper motion from bottom to top where her clitoris is. Again, using the pads of your fingers with a light pressure. After about five or ten strokes, slowly enter one finger inside of her and make sure your finger is wet. NEVER enter a woman with a dry object even if she is wet inside.

Tip #1
Don’t use your fingers like a dildo or a penis.

Tip #2
Her orgasm is achieved because she is stimulated by a rhythmic motion.

You can go back and forth from her vagina to her clitoris several times, and pay attention to her reactions. If you notice she was reacting more when you touched her clitoris, zone in on that clit!

Tip #3
Go in slow circular motions with moderate pressure and slowly increase the speed as she gets more aroused.

If she was more excited when you inserted your fingers, put them back in and go to –

Step #4 – Hitting the G-Spot, the deep spot, and the clitoris.

The G-spot is located about two to three inches inside of her vagina at the front wall. Its texture is pretty rigid like that of a walnut’s.

The deep spot is also located at the front wall, but a little deeper inside the vagina. Its texture is completely smooth.

Start slowly and softly, and build yourself up to a hand thrust. Pay attention to her reactions, for they tell you when you are hitting the right spots.

What you can also do is stimulate her clitoris with your other hand while you are working her vagina. Try stroking and penetrating with different rhythms, though. You don’t want to be automating the same movement with both hands.

For more details on this, check out the video below:

Ask A Porn Star: What Position Makes You Orgasm The Most?

When you’re looking for reliable advice about your vehicle, you go to a mechanic right? So, who else should you turn to for sex advice other than someone who does it professionally? In this video, a bevy of beautiful porn stars answer the question, “What position makes you orgasm the most?”

Answer #1: Missionary Position

Porn stars like plain old missionary sex?! Stars – they’re just like us!

So why do they orgasm more easily from missionary sex? It’s all about connection. Eye contact, kissing, holding of the hips and breasts, friction against the clitoris. It’s all good.

Answer #2: ANY AND ALL

I guess these women are porn stars for a reason! If a guy is doing it right, they can come in any position imaginable. One star, in particular, has orgasmed from having her toes sucked and her hip bone licked. Pleasure is a state of mind.

Answer #3: Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl puts the girl in control. She can fuck just the way she likes and hit all the right spots. The clit also gets a lot of stimulation in this position.

Answer #4: Doggy Style

Again, this gives the girl a lot of control. She can flatten to the bed, arch the back or raise a leg to hit those sweet spots.

Answer #5: You do you.

Every penis is different. Every vagina is different. Do what works for you personally or as a couple. Experiment and have fun figuring it out!

What Happens When a Woman is Horny

Sexual contact is divided into 4 parts: Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm, and Resolution. This video focuses on the first two, Excitement and Plateau, and what happens to a woman when she is horny.

The Excitement phase begins with a woman seeing something arousing or someone she finds attractive. The pupils will dilate, her heart rate will increase. Her cheeks will blush and her lips will gently swell. This phase decreases the cognitive process, which is the reason women in this phase may not act like themselves.

Most women experience the excitement phase a few times a day without anything sexual actually happening. When a woman actually engages with another person or perhaps herself, she enters the plateau phase. During this phase, the glands in and around the vagina begin releasing lubricating fluid. The nipples will become erect. The vaginal canal lengthens, some up to 8 inches and the muscles in the vaginal wall relax.

Women have both erectile tissue and foreskin, most commonly known as the clitoris. During the plateau phase the clitoral hood, or female foreskin, retracts to reveal an enlarged clitoris. Unlike the male erection, this can take up to 20 minutes. This is why it is important to take your time and focus on some foreplay.

This is why it is important to take your time and focus on some foreplay. When women are not properly aroused when penetration occurs, sex becomes uncomfortable and sometimes painful. When sex becomes painful, it is no longer desired. Make your woman desire you and don’t skip the foreplay!

How to Tell if She’s Faking Orgasms

How can you tell if your partner is faking orgasms? And why would she do such a thing in the first place? Most women cannot orgasm from penetration alone. In fact, 75-80% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax. Let’s discuss how to tell if she is faking an orgasm while she is with you.

  1. Climaxing simultaneously
    If you are somehow reaching climax the same time as your partner every time you have sex, there is a good chance she is faking it. She may be “timing” her performance to match yours.
  2. Extra loud performances
    If what she is doing very similarly resembles what you have seen in porn, she might be faking it. A real orgasm is not usually as loud and vocal.
  3. Feeling her vaginal muscles contract
    If you are inside her during “climax” you should be able to feel her muscles contract around your penis during an orgasm.

Why would a woman fake an orgasm? There are several reasons.

  1. To not hurt your pride
    She knows that giving her an orgasm is important to you. She wants to make you feel good about your sexual prowess.
  2. She wants to speed up your climax
    She knows it gets you off seeing her pleasured. She knows for whatever reason she isn’t going to orgasm so she fakes it to help you along.
  3. She wants you to think she is exciting in bed
    She doesn’t want you walking away from a sexual experience thinking she’s not good in bed.
  4. She has not yet figured out what works for her
    Some women have not yet figured themselves out. She doesn’t know what she likes yet and may be shy communicating that to you. She fakes it so as to not feel awkward.

Get the information and watch the full video here:

Fascinating Facts About Orgasms

The human body is amazing, as is the sweet release known as the orgasm. Here are some amazingly fascinating facts about the latter.

You don’t need functioning genitals, or genitals at all, to achieve an orgasm. There is a woman who can orgasm from having someone stroke her eyebrow. No word on whether it’s left or right. Paraplegics develop a sensitive patch of skin right above the level of their injury. Stimulating this patch can produce an orgasm.There is a woman who orgasms every time she brushes her teeth. There is a woman who can think herself to orgasm. Orgasms can cause bad breath. An odor can be detected on a woman’s breath a less than an hour after engaging in intercourse.
Orgasms can cure hiccups. A man who had hiccups for days on end had sex with his wife and the hiccups stopped upon orgasm. A published report suggested orgasms as a treatment for chronic hiccups. Doctors used to prescribe orgasms as a fertility treatment. It was once thought that the female orgasm was necessary to become pregnant. They believed it sucked the sperm up into the uterus. Orgasms operate as a fertility treatment for men. Old sperm develops issues that prevent them from swimming. Orgasming often prevents the build up of old sperm.
Studying the human orgasm within a lab setting is not an easy task. Scientists developed a plastic penis with a camera at the end to study the female orgasm. In the 40’s a doctor set out to track the speed of ejaculated semen. There was an old theory saying that the speed had bearing on fertility. His findings were inconclusive.

Watch the very interesting video here:

6 Secrets for an Epic Breast Orgasm

In ancient China, breasts were called “bells of love” and touching these bells could open the heart of a woman to you forever. Breasts were a sacred extension of the heart. In 2011, a scientific study found that a woman’s breasts and nipples are directly connected to her vagina through the nervous system and hormone production. This means that the same part of the brain activated by vaginal stimulation is also activated by breast stimulation and can, therefore, lead to a breast orgasm.

To most women, their breasts are the epitome of their femininity. Show them all your love. They are energy centers and the more you express your love for them the more receptive they will become to your touch. Be open and honest and communicative. Clear communication is extremely important. The more you communicate, the more trust you build. The more your partner trusts you, the more she will be able to relax. The more relaxed she is, the more likely she will be to have an orgasm.

Know how to kiss her! If you want to properly stimulate her breasts, learn how to kiss passionately. The tongue has thousands of sensory nerve endings that are connected to everything – yes even the breasts! A deep, passionate kiss will cause her nipples to erect and stimulate hormone production to the breasts and vagina.

Tease your partner and build tension. Explore the breasts. Touch the sides and undersides. Take your time, go slowly. Explore her body and make your way back to the breasts. Gently brush the nipples and continue exploring.

Lightly squeeze the nipples. Lightly rotate the tip of your tongue in circles around the nipple. Pucker the lips around the nipple and suck gently. Add chilling and warming sensations by inhaling and exhaling long breaths over the nipples. Play with sensation by alternating between the smooth underside of the tongue and the rougher top side of the tongue. In a deep soothing voice, tell your partner to breathe deeply. Intentional breathing will relax her further and allow her to more easily let go. Most importantly – when she is very aroused and on the verge of orgasm, do not make any changed to what you’re doing.

Accept the mystery of the breast. All women are mysterious and beautiful creatures. Because they are all different from one another, breast play for each individual woman will be different. Breast sensitivity changes with a woman’s cycle, so it can change from day to day. Don’t get frustrated if things that worked once don’t work always. Don’t focus on creating the orgasm, focus on the experience and it will be magical for the both of you.

Watch the full video here:

The Mystery of the Female Orgasm

Some people just can’t figure this stuff out – so here are some tips on how to help her reach the female orgasm.

First of all, good vibes outside the bedroom equal good vibes inside the bedroom. If there is any stress or conflict in your relationship, that stuff is going to affect her ability to fully relax during sex. Communication is the hottest form of foreplay, use it regularly.

Take your time! Laci recommends paying attention to the entire body (nipples, back, thighs, neck) with a variety of sensations (touching, kissing, oral). Don’t think of everything that comes before penetrative sex as foreplay. Think of the whole experience as sex and be engaged in every part of it.

This is a given, but get to know the female anatomy! There’s this thing called the clit and it’s kind of a big deal. You can access it externally – it looks like a little button and it located at the top of the vagina.  You can also access it internally via the G-spot – 2 inches inside the vagina and push upwards with a “come here” motion. Don’t immediately go for this area though – slow it down and she will be more aroused by the time you get there.

Two words: Gentle and Lubricated. The external clitoris is extremely sensitive. So sensitive that you can actually hurt it if you work it too hard. Make sure you use a lubricant or saliva and use gentle motions (unless your partner tells you otherwise).

To reiterate, communication is key. Ask her what she likes; what feels good. Try some different sensations out and get her to rate them on a pleasure scale from 1 – 10. Keep the conversation going outside the bedroom about what worked, fantasies and what else you’d like to try together.

In porn what you will see a lot of the time is when the female is approaching orgasm, her male partner will speed up whatever action he is doing. This might work for some people, but for the majority, steady and consistent motion is required to achieve orgasm.

Watch the full video here:


10 Benefits of Orgasms

Orgasms are useful for more than just pleasure. Sexologist, Shan Boodram, knows all about the health benefits of The Big O. Here are 10 things you might not know:

Upon the moment of orgasm, your body begins producing a number of different hormones. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)  is produced which makes your hair grow longer and gives your skin more elasticity. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is produced which helps you stay younger physically – you will look and feel better for longer. Orgasms give you a healthy and unmistakable glow. If your orgasm is partner induced, oxytocin, or the cuddle hormone, is produced. This hormone strengthens the bond between people and fortifies relationships.

Orgasms help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This helps as you get older – you will be less likely to develop issues with bladder control. People who have strong pelvic muscles have stronger orgasms. The more orgasms you have, the better they gradually become.

An orgasm is also a great cure for an illness. You will be sweating and therefore releasing toxins. Orgasms also force the production of immunoglobulin which helps you fight bacteria and infection. If you’re in need of a good night’s sleep, orgasms stimulate the production of prolactin which aids in falling asleep and staying asleep.

A recent study concluded that the chemical composition of people’s brains directly after administering heroin and directly after an orgasm is 95% the same. That’s because an orgasm stimulates the production of a large amount of dopamine.

Shan is inviting you to participate in the 7 Day Orgasm Challenge. Have an orgasm every day for 7 days in the name of health!

Watch the full video here:

Common Sex Questions Answered

Tracey Cox is a former Cosmopolitan magazine editor turned relationship and sex expert. In this video, she answers several commonly asked sex questions.

According to a recent survey, one-third of women and two-thirds of men are not satisfied with their sex lives. Tracey explains that usually what people mean when they say they aren’t satisfied with their sex lives is the quantity of sex. Men and women have the same libidos, but there are many reasons why women tend to want sex less than men. Women tend to stretch themselves too far, involve themselves in too many activities and therefore have less energy. Another reason is the likelihood of an orgasm isn’t grounds for motivation. While almost all men orgasm every time they have sex with their partner, only 30% of women orgasm every time. Women tend to need an emotional connection before engaging in sexual activities while men prefer to have their sexual needs met before seeking an emotional connection.

50% of both men and women are concerned that their partners are not satisfied with their sex lives. Tracey blames television and media where sex in committed relationships is portrayed inaccurately causing people to question the voraciousness of their own sex life.

50% of men and women would like to be more adventurous in bed. 1 in 4 women would like to act out a fantasy in the bedroom but 60% haven’t told their partner the details of their fantasies. Tracey believes that fantasies are sometimes best kept to yourself as they can be confused with real desire. Saying “I want to..” in regards to experimenting sexually instead of “I have been fantasizing about..” can save your relationship undue distress.

44% of women and 22% of men say that body confidence affects their sex lives. Tracey is surprised the women’s statistic isn’t higher due to the societal pressures from the media but also surprised that the men’s statistic is so high. There was a time that a man would not have refused sex due to body issues which just shows how intense societal pressure has become.

80% of women admit that they never instigate sex with their partner. Tracey explains how this can be detrimental to your relationship. The one who is always asking for sex can end up feeling like they are harassing or pressuring their partner and the partner can begin to feel harassed or pressured resulting in neither feeling sexy or in the mood.

Watch the full video here: