Fascinating Facts About Orgasms

The human body is amazing, as is the sweet release known as the orgasm. Here are some amazingly fascinating facts about the latter.

You don’t need functioning genitals, or genitals at all, to achieve an orgasm. There is a woman who can orgasm from having someone stroke her eyebrow. No word on whether it’s left or right. Paraplegics develop a sensitive patch of skin right above the level of their injury. Stimulating this patch can produce an orgasm.There is a woman who orgasms every time she brushes her teeth. There is a woman who can think herself to orgasm. Orgasms can cause bad breath. An odor can be detected on a woman’s breath a less than an hour after engaging in intercourse.
Orgasms can cure hiccups. A man who had hiccups for days on end had sex with his wife and the hiccups stopped upon orgasm. A published report suggested orgasms as a treatment for chronic hiccups. Doctors used to prescribe orgasms as a fertility treatment. It was once thought that the female orgasm was necessary to become pregnant. They believed it sucked the sperm up into the uterus. Orgasms operate as a fertility treatment for men. Old sperm develops issues that prevent them from swimming. Orgasming often prevents the build up of old sperm.
Studying the human orgasm within a lab setting is not an easy task. Scientists developed a plastic penis with a camera at the end to study the female orgasm. In the 40’s a doctor set out to track the speed of ejaculated semen. There was an old theory saying that the speed had bearing on fertility. His findings were inconclusive.

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