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2 Techniques To Teach Your Wife To Squirt


2 Techniques To Teach Your Wife To Squirt

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Squirting might seem like something reserved for adult films to put on a “big show”, but in truth nearly all women can squirt. Teaching your wife to squirt really only takes a bit of patience and some fun exploration, and most likely, she’ll soon find that she has the ability to put on her own “big show” as well. Teaching your wife to squirt can be a really fun undertaking by the both of you, and there are a couple of techniques you can use to ensure a comfortable and positive experience.

The first technique is to use your fingers, and this is what you should be doing first to locate her G spot and figure out what type of stimulation it takes to set off her Skene’s Gland. The G spot is also known as the female prostate, and it’s what requires a little attention if you want to stimulate her Skene’s Gland and lead her to a squirting orgasm. To find the G spot you don’t need a roadmap, just a little guidance and to remember what you’re looking for.

Have her lay on her back with her knees up and legs opened wide, so you can enter her with some depth easily. With your palm facing up, insert a finger or two into her vaginal opening and feel for a small squishy walnut sized area that feels a bit different on the upper vaginal wall. The G spot will feel a little harder and a little bumpier than the rest of what you’re feeling, and it will begin to swell and firm as she grows more aroused. When you find the area, use a “come hither” motion to stimulate it, while paying attention to her verbal and non-verbal communication to determine what she likes. Some women prefer rougher and speedier stimulation while others prefer something lighter and slower.

Once you figure out where the G spot is and what type of stimulation it likes, you can then move on to technique number 2, which is toys. There are a plethora of toys on the market that focus strongly on G spot simulation, and these can provide an entirely new experience in intense and memorable squirting orgasms. These toys may rub, vibrate, or push on the G spot, and the one that is right for her is the one that mimics the sensation she likes best.

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Tips To Make Women Ejaculate


Tips To Make Women Ejaculate

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Lately it seems that there has been a high level of enthusiasm to encourage women to ejaculate during intercourse. The controversy behind what female ejaculation really is and how it comes about make it a very controversial topic. The mystery only adds to the allure and many people relate their ability to coax a woman to experience female ejaculation to their sexual prowess. It is important to note that listening to the needs and desires of your partner are the best way to ensure that you are every bit as romantically experienced as you feel yourself to be. However, the basics are important so here are a few tips to help your partner achieve ejaculation.

  1. Make her feel comfortable. Make sure she knows that you want it for her. Many women have bought into the dominant feeling that society does not want them to feel empowered by their own bodies and that this type of act is something to be ashamed of or the cause of embarrassment. The unfounded assertion that female ejaculation is no more than urine only adds to the woman’s anxiety about the act. She may very well likely stop sex to use the restroom or clench her pelvis rather than lose herself in the moment. So make time to tell her that you support and encourage her.
  1. Stimulate her G spot. The G spot most certainly exists. If you’re not sure how to find it, use your fingers to penetrate her and stroke the upper walls of her vagina in a “come here” motion. You should feel a fleshy spot that will engorge with increased stimulation.
  1. Be patient. No two women are alike and some need more stimulation to achieve an orgasm. Most of all do not be discouraged if she doesn’t ejaculate. All women possess the ability to ejaculate but not all women will feel comfortable doing so. It could quite possible be that she hasn’t made it past step one yet.

The best advice to helping your partner achieve female ejaculation is to keep it fun. After all, what is sex if you can’t have fun with it? Don’t put pressure on yourself or your partner to make ejaculation happen. Some women will only experience one in their lifetime and never again. Keep things light and enjoy the process. If it doesn’t happen, you can always try again!

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Female Ejaculation 101


Female Ejaculation 101

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Over the past few years female ejaculation has become more widely discussed as pornography has placed it in the spotlight. In pornographic videos and magazines it resembles something like the rush of water from a drinking fountain at the moment of orgasm. However, there is still a lot of controversy around what it really is. Due to the costly nature of scientific studies, not much research has been done to decidedly make any definitive definitions about it. The majority of what we know comes from sex experts, the experiences of women themselves, and limited research.

It was initially mistaken for a woman urinating at the moment of climax. While it is true that there can be some urine in the ejaculate, we now know that it more closely resembles male ejaculation. Some researchers assert that female ejaculation occurs when the Skene’s glands, glands on the anterior walls of the vagina at the lower end of the urethra, produce prostate specific antigen or PSA. This substance is liquid, clear, and possess no resemblance in taste or smell to urine.

There was a study done in France that took ultrasounds of seven women’s bladders before sexual stimulation and after. The women were asked to completely empty their bladders then they were given the ultrasound to confirm that the bladder was empty. They were then asked to participate in sexual stimulation either alone or with a partner. When the women felt close to ejaculation another ultrasound was admitted to reveal the bladders were indeed full again. The results found that while the majority of the women’s ejaculate was found to have similar properties as urine, a couple of the women’s samples were diluted with PSA.

Now that we know female ejaculate isn’t urine, let’s examine the best way to encourage a woman to experience one. It should be noted that while all women are capable of ejaculating not every women will be able to do so for a multitude of reasons. One reason is that she may perceive societal pressure and standards implying that female ejaculation is dirty and something her partner most likely will not condone let alone enjoy. It may be that she believes that the feeling is just her need to pee. Whatever concerns she may have, if you would like to see her embrace this natural phenomena, do your best to encourage her to let go of her inhibitions.

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Can Every Woman Really Have A Squirting Orgasm?


Can Every Woman Squirt?

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Squirting is a form of female ejaculation and though associated with orgasms, is very different. Squirting is the result of G Spot stimulation and can be a very exciting and pleasurable response to sexual arousal for both partners.

All women can squirt with a little practice and patience. In order to squirt, you need to find your G Spot. The G Spot is located about 2 inches in from the opening on the vagina along the front of the upper area of the vagina. The best way to find the G Spot is with your sensitive fingertips.

Start by making sure you are sexually aroused, because the G Spot swells during sexual arousal. Then feel along the area with your fingers. You will be looking for an area that feels a little rougher, more ridged, or thicker than the other vaginal tissue.

Once you’ve found the G Spot then stimulate the area by massaging with the tips of your fingers or a G Spot vibrator. During stimulation of the G Spot your Skene’s gland, which is a lot like the male prostate will begin to absorb vaginal fluids.

Since the Skene’s gland is right near the bladder, when you are ready to squirt it may feel similar to having to urinate which may seem a little uncomfortable. However, part of the ability to squirt is recognizing the difference between the need to urinate and the feeling of squirting. So you will have to relax and just go for it.

It may take a few times to really understand how your body works, but once you squirt for the first time, you will be able to do it again.

Take your time and explore your G Spot and eventually you too can learn how to squirt from stimulation.

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The Truth About Squirting (aka Female Ejaculation) – Are Women Peeing During Sex?

truth-about-squirtingYou’ve seen it. I’ve seen it (in person). We’ve all seen it. A woman squirting copious amounts of fluid, screaming in ecstasy, and having an orgasm all at the same time. I’m talking about the squirting orgasm.

Unfortunately, for the general population, squirting is most often only witnessed in porn movies. Not exactly the most reliable source. These porn movies lead to many questions. Is what I’m seeing real? Is it pee? Is this woman really having an orgasm so intense that she can’t control herself and involuntarily squirts some sort of fluid all over the place?

The answer is, well, yes and no.

Yes, squirting is real. Yes, female ejaculation is real, but what you are witnessing in porn is sometimes not real.

You have to remember that porn is for entertainment ONLY and porn producers want everything to be over the top, so sometimes they fake the squirting. With that being said, some porn actresses do actually squirt during a shoot. They are just few and far between.

When it comes to real life, yes, squirting is very real, and all women are capable of learning how to have a squirting orgasm.

When it happens, some women will shoot the squirting fluid out of the urethra with great force, and for others it will just dribble out. It just depends on the woman. Women can also have multiple squirting orgasms per sex session.

Not a lot is known about the reason behind why female ejaculation or squirting occurs, but it is a VERY enjoyable experience for the woman and, heck, if we’re all honest, it’s quite an ego boost for us guys too.

What we do know about squirting is that it is not urine. The fluid has a different chemical makeup. The fluid (or squirting fluid) contains something called PSA, or prostatic-specific antigen. This is something that male semen has in it as well, but is not found in urine.

As in males, the PSA fluid in females comes from the prostate. In women this is called the Skene’s gland.

During sexual activity, usually involving stimulation of the G-spot, the Skene’s gland produces the female ejaculate, and as stimulation continues, the fluid builds up and it is eventually expelled out of the urethra.

Remember, even though it comes out of the urethra it is not pee. It has a different consistency, color, smell, and taste than urine (it actually has a bit of a sweet taste), and women who are squirters know it has a much different feeling than urinating.

Usually the squirting event is accompanied by a very powerful female orgasm, although it is possible for a woman to squirt without having an orgasm, but even this is reported to feel good. If this is the case for you or your partner it’s very simple to learn how to make both the squirting event and the orgasm happen at the same time. (It’s something I learned in a video course called, The Female Orgasm Blueprint.)

Recently, squirting has been thrown into the limelight because of a questionable study (involving ONLY seven women) that showed during sexual stimulation a woman’s empty bladder will rapidly fill with fluid that is subsequently squirted out. The media took this opportunity to write hundreds of click-bait articles claiming that women are now peeing during sex. This is just a flat-out lie, 100% inaccurate and very irresponsible journalism.

A brief explanation of the study is this. All seven women (who already knew how to squirt) who participated in the study started with an empty bladder. During sexual stimulation the bladder began filling with fluid. After the fluid was expelled (squirted out through the urethra) it was then analyzed, and the scientists found that it was made up of mostly water and PSA from the Skene’s gland (female prostate). (The fluid also contained trace elements of other water-soluble chemicals: urea, creatinine, and uric acid.)

The media subsequently started spreading lies that women are now peeing during sex, all because the fluid that was squirted came from the bladder. They totally ignored the fact that the fluid contained PSA.

Not to mention, the study didn’t actually claim that the fluid the women were squirting was urine. This was just the media twisting words. In fact, if anything the study proved that the fluid is NOT urine because they found it contains prostatic-specific antigen, something urine does not have.

The media’s way of reporting this study is just another example of “if it bleeds then it leads” type of click bait, twisting the truth type of reporting.

In the end, it truly doesn’t matter one bit what the fluid that squirts out is. It’s happening for some reason during sex and it feels damn good to the woman, so who cares what the fluid is?

Rules To Make A Woman Ejaculate

In this video I lay out my three top and must follow rules if you want any hope of getting your woman to soak the sheets. The three 3 rules to getting a woman to ejaculate are easy to follow and something that every man can easily do. Check out the video below and let me know what you think in the comments section.

P.S. If you don’t already know a female ejaculation aka squirting orgasm is one of the best orgasm you can give your woman. If you have any doubts if squirting is real watch this video.

Tips For Achieving Female Ejaculation

Achieving female ejaculation is possible in almost any sexual encounter, and the long believed thought that this type of ejaculation is a myth is something that is being disproved even by modern medical science. Long ago, when this type of ejaculation was first brought to the attention of scientists, it was widely believed that the ejaculate fluid was made mostly of urine, but more recent studies are disproving this as well. With the proper stimulation, female ejaculation is something that is achievable in many different ways, and learning all of the ways to stimulate to this type of climax is a great way for couples to learn more about one another!