How to Make Your Wife Squirt

What’s sexier than experiencing your wife completely losing herself in the moment during sex? Not much but you can take her orgasm to the next level with squirting. If you haven’t seen it, squirting it when a woman is vaginally stimulated during sex and ejaculates an amount of fluid during orgasm. Sexologists and researches haven’t come to any clear conclusions about it but most people know that it’s great. It’s an added layer of pleasure for you and your wife. Though it may seem complicated, it’s actually pretty easy once you get the technique down. Here are a few guidelines to get her juiced up:


  1. Make sure she’s comfortable. The best way to achieve a squirting orgasm is to have her lie on her back. You’ll also want to make sure she’s aware of what you want to achieve.
  2. Turn her on. Depending on your relationship, sex can sometimes get routine. Try spicing things up with a full body massage or a video.
  3. Lube up. If she’s not naturally wet but ready to go, use some lube. It’s part of the comfort step.
  4. Give her the finger. This step is up to whether you have found her g-spot or not. If you have, you can skip it or do it just for fun. If you haven’t, you’re looking for a spot about two knuckles deep on the front wall of her vaginal canal. It will feel distinctly different from any other spot inside her. Use your finger to make a “come here” motion against her g-spot.
  5. Increase the pressure. No two women are alike but the g-spot typically requires consistent and firm pressure. So you’ll want to start sliding your finger in and out and increasing the pressure to the g-spot. If she’s into it, you can add another finger or slide in yourself.
  6. Be patient. In videos, women squirt pretty quickly. However, that is not the reality for all women. Sometimes is can take up to 30 minutes for a vaginal orgasm. Enjoy the ride.
  7. She may tell you she has to pee. This is absolutely normal. The sensation that leads to a woman squirting can often feel like she’s about to urinate. Squirting is not pee. Reassure her to relax and let it flow.


There it is. All you need to know to make your wife squirt. If you’re having trouble try again and increase your pressure or massage her clit to heighten her arousal. Remember, she’s learning too and the journey is most of the fun anyway.

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