3 Tips To Make A Woman Squirt For The First Time


3 Tips To Make A Woman Squirt For The First Time

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Squirting can be a fun experience for you and your partner, and if you’re looking to give a woman a squirting orgasm for the first time, there are a few tips that can make the experience a positive and successful one for you both. Squirting is something that nearly every woman can do, whether she is aware of the talent or not, and it accompanies one of the most intense and memorable orgasms a woman can experience. 3 tips to make a woman squirt for the first time are:

1. Take it slow and make it relaxed – An orgasm is a near impossibility when a woman is stressed or uncomfortable, and this rings especially true for a squirting orgasm. To prepare, make sure she’s relaxed, there are open communication lines in place, and she knows that both of you want the final result of the squirt. If she has never felt Skene Gland stimulation before, the sensation may be new and strange to her, so listen to her vocal and body cues to determine how fast, slow, hard, or soft the stimulation should be.

2. Use fingers first – There are a ton of toys on the market that focus on G spot and Skene Gland stimulation as a priority, but these may not be your best bet until you learn just what sort of stimulation she likes, and where to stimulate. To learn, first use your fingers to find the G spot, and figure out how she prefers her stimulation. Once you learn, you can incorporate toys that mimic and add to these preferred sensations, and this will bring entirely new experiences to each squirting orgasm.

3. Don’t get discouraged – Making a woman squirt for the first time can be a little stressful and a bit of a learning experience even when all preparations are taken care of, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it on your first try. She will need to learn just what sort of stimulation her Skene Gland requires, and you will need to learn how to provide it, and this can take some pretty exciting trial and error. While in the process of experimenting with the Skene Gland, let her know that you’re simply having a good time trying, and that there’s no pressure for her to bring the big show right away.

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