Can Anyone Make A Woman Squirt?


Can Anyone Make A Woman Squirt?

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Squirting has become a hot topic of conversation lately and with good cause. It’s incredibly sexy to watch a woman gush as she loses herself in an orgasm. So now you want to know if it’s possible for anyone to bring a woman to her knees like that. The short answer is yes. You don’t have to be a well hung porn star to make it happen either. All you need is patience, confidence, and a little knowledge about the woman’s body.

Confident And Comfortable

You’ve got to be confident enough to have a conversation with her about what you intend to do. See, she might feel a little apprehensive about letting loose in this way. You’ll need to reassure her that you find her and squirting really sexy and that you’re excited about what is about to happen. If she mentions concern about your sheets, couch, whatever lay some towels down. Give her every reason to feel comfortable about what is about to happen. Position also matters at this point. You’ll want her to be lying comfortably on her back.

Turn On And Lube Up

Once she’s feeling great move on to foreplay. This is a pretty crucial step as you want to make sure she’s turned on and getting wet. Take your time and explore her body. It’ll help her relax and get her ready for penetration. Keep lube close in case she’s having trouble getting wet on her own. Unless she requests it, do not enter her without lubrication.

Stimulate The G-spot

Oh yeah, the g-spot definitely exists. It’s the major player in how squirting works. You’ll want to make sure you can find it with your finger first. So while she’s on her back insert one finger about two knuckles deep and scan the front of her vaginal wall using a “come here” motion. You should one area that feels different and inflamed. Apply pressure to that spot by sliding your finger back and forth. The g-spot needs a significant amount of pressure repeatedly so you’ll want to increase the pressure slowly over time.

That’s really all there is to it. If she’s cool with another finger, add it. If she wants to feel you inside her, go for it and hit that spot. If you’re having trouble with either of those methods try using a toy specifically made to stimulate the g-spot. In any case, be patient. Some women can take up to 30 minutes to orgasm. You can help her along by rubbing her clit. Most importantly, make sure she’s relaxed. A tense body will inhibit squirting. Have fun!

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