How to Make A Girl Sleep With You?

In this episode of Kamalifestyles Gabriella Ryan talks about how to make a girl sleep with you. Kama Life Styles teach the art of dating with their coaches, who are all fully trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. They have been featured on BBC, as well as numerous radio channels and magazines. Go to for more on them, but for now, let’s find out how we can seduce ladies.

When you want to sleep with a woman, make sure you don’t fall into her friend zone. You want her thinking about you even when you are not with her, and how can all of this be achieved? Gabriella gives us five tips to get her begging for you in your bed.

#1 Be clear but not obvious.

Some women find hit and run repulsive. You want to make her feel sexually attracted to you, but at the same time, you don’t want to be seen as the guy who is only after sex. Women don’t usually sleep on their first date, and that’s the way it should be unless you are just looking for a good lay and no deep connection with her whatsoever. Be your confident and charming self when around her, and make sure you don’t pressure her into having sex with you. Flirt with her and compliment her on her beauty, her talents, her intellect. Use both verbal and nonverbal flirt cues.

#2 Lose the script.

The reason you might not be getting laid is that you are using the same script, which is not working. You need to be more authentic, and let her see you… including your vulnerable side. Allow your conversations and actions to flow naturally. Go with her pace and let it be her decision when to sleep with you. Mental and emotional stimulation is necessary to get her juices flowing.

#3 Make it about her.

It’s sexy that you are wearing a good suit and a quality watch. But, unless you are looking for a gold digger, possessions are not what’s going to get her in bed. Have meaningful conversations with her. Genuinely listen to her. Make her feel comfortable and safe around you. When you listen to her more than you talk, you get to know about her fantasies, her likes, and preferences. The more you listen to her, the easier it’ll be for you to figure out which angle to use to get her waking up in your bed the next morning.

#4 Build trust and show vulnerability.

When you are too nice, you might get friend-zoned. And, if you are too cocky, the only person sleeping with you that night is going to be you and your hand perhaps. Women are emotional beings. Tell her a touching story that shows your vulnerable side. Talk about your passions, e.g., your goals of changing the world into a better place. But, of course, be sure to speak the truth, not fables. This will indicate that you trust her and enjoy conversing with her, causing her to open up to you.

#5 Use the power of seduction.

When you master the seduction techniques, you will always be the alpha male in the room. Play with the woman’s senses, such as lighting scented candles or having aromatic flowers in the room. Speaking of which, make sure you have showered and smell nice. It’s good to invest in colognes, since the smell on your skin can play a huge part in turning her on or off. Dim lighting creates a romantic atmosphere and reduces resistance because some women are more conscious about their bodies. Show her your confidence and dominance with your gentle touch, and help her get in a seduction mode.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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