Tips To Make Women Ejaculate


Tips To Make Women Ejaculate

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Lately it seems that there has been a high level of enthusiasm to encourage women to ejaculate during intercourse. The controversy behind what female ejaculation really is and how it comes about make it a very controversial topic. The mystery only adds to the allure and many people relate their ability to coax a woman to experience female ejaculation to their sexual prowess. It is important to note that listening to the needs and desires of your partner are the best way to ensure that you are every bit as romantically experienced as you feel yourself to be. However, the basics are important so here are a few tips to help your partner achieve ejaculation.

  1. Make her feel comfortable. Make sure she knows that you want it for her. Many women have bought into the dominant feeling that society does not want them to feel empowered by their own bodies and that this type of act is something to be ashamed of or the cause of embarrassment. The unfounded assertion that female ejaculation is no more than urine only adds to the woman’s anxiety about the act. She may very well likely stop sex to use the restroom or clench her pelvis rather than lose herself in the moment. So make time to tell her that you support and encourage her.
  1. Stimulate her G spot. The G spot most certainly exists. If you’re not sure how to find it, use your fingers to penetrate her and stroke the upper walls of her vagina in a “come here” motion. You should feel a fleshy spot that will engorge with increased stimulation.
  1. Be patient. No two women are alike and some need more stimulation to achieve an orgasm. Most of all do not be discouraged if she doesn’t ejaculate. All women possess the ability to ejaculate but not all women will feel comfortable doing so. It could quite possible be that she hasn’t made it past step one yet.

The best advice to helping your partner achieve female ejaculation is to keep it fun. After all, what is sex if you can’t have fun with it? Don’t put pressure on yourself or your partner to make ejaculation happen. Some women will only experience one in their lifetime and never again. Keep things light and enjoy the process. If it doesn’t happen, you can always try again!

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