What is Titillagnia?

What in the world is Titillagnia? This a big word for tickling fetishes. People with Titillagnia are sexually aroused by tickling someone or being tickled themselves.

In tickle-play, partners will usually be designated as the Tickle Top and the Tickle Bottom. The Tickle Top does the tickling and the Tickle Bottom is tickled until they either pee themselves, orgasm or end up having to call out their safeword.

Tickling produces involuntary laughter. For most people, this is pleasurable in short bursts. Being tickled for long periods of time becomes actual torture. This is why laughter doesn’t always signify that someone is enjoying themselves. People will Titillagnia tend to focus their sexual experience solely on tickling. Intercourse may sometimes not be included in sexual activities. Some may use it as a sole source of foreplay.

The eroticism of tickle-play may find its source in the delay of intercourse. It’s a tease that prolongs desire and heightens sensations. Tickle-play can last as long as you want it to. Some might feel it’s something that both turns them on and that is safe. There is no risk of contracting an STD and you don’t have to worry about unexpected pregnancies. It is also a way to experiment with light S & M. If you are curious but not big into pain, tickle-play would be a great place to start.

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