7 Sex Mistakes You’re Probably Making

If you watch one video today, make it this one. Take some notes ladies and gentlemen. These are the top 7 sex mistakes that both men and women make in the bedroom! Any of these sound familiar?

Shan Boodram sits down with her good friend and former colleague Chris Thompson to ask – what mistakes are people making that detriment their sex lives? Here are some tips from Chris:

Foreplay is NOT an option. Just because you’re ready to go, doesn’t mean she is! Take your time, get on the same level and then get atter’.

Mistake #2 – Foreplay for stimulating your partner both physically and mentally. Don’t just pleasure her body, her mind needs attention too. Women’s ability to achieve orgasm is heavily based on something she can visualize or conceptualize mentally.

Finally, don’t focus too much on one particular area of a woman’s body. He compares this to continually rubbing your arm in one spot. Eventually, it’s going to feel uncomfortable. Chris suggests switching it up. Shan’s rebuttable is, however, that sometimes men can have too much going on at the same time. Striking an appropriate balance between keeping it interesting and ensuring it feels good is key.

Don’t be a limp noodle. Be an active participant! Having a vagina and “letting” a man do his thing in it is NOT a turn on. Your partner wants to know that you are enjoying yourself and that you care about whether or not he is too!

When it comes to oral sex, if you don’t enjoy doing it – don’t bother. Oral is about putting your partner’s pleasure over your own and is an extremely intimate act. Guys can tell when you are doing it out of obligation.

Here is Chris’ advice on hand jobs: just don’t. Unless your partner tells you he really, really likes them, steer clear. This is the main way men masturbate. Men are handjob experts, but not connoiseurs. They are looking for something different from you.

Chris’ last piece of information regarding women’s sex mistakes is this: Listen to your partner’s intent. If you are looking for a relationship and he says that your association will remain purely sexual, don’t have sex with him. You will not hook a guy with sex. You may have a short-lived fling, but it most likely won’t turn into anything long-term.

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