Common Sex Questions Answered

Tracey Cox is a former Cosmopolitan magazine editor turned relationship and sex expert. In this video, she answers several commonly asked sex questions.

According to a recent survey, one-third of women and two-thirds of men are not satisfied with their sex lives. Tracey explains that usually what people mean when they say they aren’t satisfied with their sex lives is the quantity of sex. Men and women have the same libidos, but there are many reasons why women tend to want sex less than men. Women tend to stretch themselves too far, involve themselves in too many activities and therefore have less energy. Another reason is the likelihood of an orgasm isn’t grounds for motivation. While almost all men orgasm every time they have sex with their partner, only 30% of women orgasm every time. Women tend to need an emotional connection before engaging in sexual activities while men prefer to have their sexual needs met before seeking an emotional connection.

50% of both men and women are concerned that their partners are not satisfied with their sex lives. Tracey blames television and media where sex in committed relationships is portrayed inaccurately causing people to question the voraciousness of their own sex life.

50% of men and women would like to be more adventurous in bed. 1 in 4 women would like to act out a fantasy in the bedroom but 60% haven’t told their partner the details of their fantasies. Tracey believes that fantasies are sometimes best kept to yourself as they can be confused with real desire. Saying “I want to..” in regards to experimenting sexually instead of “I have been fantasizing about..” can save your relationship undue distress.

44% of women and 22% of men say that body confidence affects their sex lives. Tracey is surprised the women’s statistic isn’t higher due to the societal pressures from the media but also surprised that the men’s statistic is so high. There was a time that a man would not have refused sex due to body issues which just shows how intense societal pressure has become.

80% of women admit that they never instigate sex with their partner. Tracey explains how this can be detrimental to your relationship. The one who is always asking for sex can end up feeling like they are harassing or pressuring their partner and the partner can begin to feel harassed or pressured resulting in neither feeling sexy or in the mood.

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