Sensual Body Mapping Experience

Layla Martin and her partner Andrew Simpson talk about sensual body mapping. If you haven’t heard of the phrase before, sensual body mapping is a practice when you explore every single part of your partner’s and your own body. And, by every part, I mean every little detail, not missing a spot.

Step #1 Who Goes First?

First and foremost, decide who is going to go first. They say ladies first, but hey, we’re now living in the era where stereotypes are becoming the old history, so… Put on some sexy music, light scented candles. Briefly put, set the scene, creating a sensual atmosphere for your partner. Then, blindfold them with their consent of course. Blindfolding intensifies all the other senses, so it will allow your partner to drop into the experience, and really feel how it is to be touched by you.

The receiver is going to sit back against their partner’s chest, while their partner explores the top of their body. You can also have your partner lying down for the entirety of the sensual body mapping, if that sounds more comfortable for the both of you. The receiver is going to concentrate on breathing, relaxing and letting all the stress melt away, so that they can fully drop into the experience. You can also do this alone without a partner, in front of the mirror.

Step #2 Precision Is Sexy

Start at the very top of your partner’s head. Touch their scalp, their hair, forehead, cheeks, all the areas on the face. Make sure you don’t miss a spot. Then, move down to their neck, their collar bone. You want to be slow and methodical, paying close attention to their body and giving love to each and every part of them.

Step #3 Different Touches

Try different types of touches. Varying your touch can really turn your partner on. You can touch them with a feather, or your fingertips, your hands. Explore every part of your partner’s body and see what they enjoy the most. Some areas might need to be touched lightly, while others might need a firmer hold to get their fire going.

Step #4 Communicate

Openly communicate with your partner. Ask them if they like what you are doing, if it feels good, if you should try something else. As the receiver, let your partner know if it feels good for you, or if there’s something else you’d like them to try. Don’t feel shy about expressing what you like and asking for it. Ask, and you shall receive.

Step #5 Extend The Experience

This is a naughty part of exploring the inside areas. Start with exploring your partner’s mouth. You then might want to go to some racier areas, such as anus or vagina. Explore every orifice, but make sure you proceed slowly and heed your partner’s reactions.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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