Sex Advice for New Parents

If you have kids, you already know. If there is one on the way, this advice is for y0u! These new parents share what they wish they would have known about having sex after kids.

Sex after kids requires planning and coordinating of schedules. It becomes more difficult to jump into the sack whenever the mood strikes. You need some quiet, kid-free time to actually do the deed. In most cases, sex also happens less frequently.

In most cases, sex also happens less frequently. Kids keep you busy! New moms might find themselves dealing with hormone changes and mood swings. This affects the desire to have sex as well as the emotions attached to that. New moms may also feel insecure about their changing bodies and have trouble feeling sexy.

Common advice people get before having a baby is, “sleep as much as you can before the┬ábaby comes!”. A footnote in that advice should be, “and also have sex as much as you can before the baby comes!”. When your kids are older and can entertain themselves, sneaking away to another room for a quickie can be fun. If you usually take a long time to finish, figure out as a couple how to get each other off in a short amount of time. You have about 15 minutes before your minions will find you.

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