Sex Smells: Pheromones at Work

As humans, we spend a lot of time covering up our natural smells. We shower with scented soap, put on deodorant, wear perfume and cologne, and use scented lotion. We spend all that time covering them up, but natural smells are important. They communicate things to other people.
In some parts of Europe, women will put vaginal fluid behind their ears to arouse their partners. And guess what? It works! This is due to a type of hormone called a pheromone. Hormones communicate within the body and tell the body when to do certain functions. Pheromones communicate information outside the body between different bodies. Human pheromones can communicate information such as sexuality and level of fertility.
There are many studies that try to confirm or debase pheromones communicative abilities. There is a theory that women who live in close proximity to each other will experience synchronized cycles due to pheromone communication. A study showed that when one female’s sweat was applied to another female’s lip, that female was more likely to synchronize cycles with the owner of the sweat.
Pheromones can even communicate political compatibility. Researchers gathered a group of liberals and conservatives. Each participant was to wear a gauze pad in their under arm and collect their sweat for 24 hours. None of the participants were to wear any scented products during this period. The group was then individually asked to smell each gauze pad and rank the smells in terms of attractiveness. The results showed that liberals preferred the pads of other liberals and vice versa.
We are attracted to the smells of compatible mates. We are able to detect both similarities and differences. In the animal kingdom as well as in humans, our bodies tell us who to mate with and who to stay away from. For example, they tell us to steer clear of siblings and close relatives and drive you towards partners who are genetically different than you.
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