3 Things Women WISH Men Did in Bed

An intimacy expert Allana Pratt gives us a breakdown on 3 things women wish men did in bed. In case you are curious about Allana’s credibility, let me disclose that she is an author of three books, a coach to celebrities, and has been featured on CBS, TLC, FOX and more. Now that you are convinced of her professionalism, keep on reading, or check out the video below.

#1 Eye Contact

It’s not possible to constantly maintain eye contact with your partner during sex, and quite frankly, it would be weird if you did. However, if you lose yourself in body parts of your woman for too long and don’t return to the windows to her soul, the disconnect commences. You want her to feel like a work of art, not a piece of meat. Be sure to make eye contact when you make love to her. If she closes her eyes, ask her to open them, and be more connected to you. There’s an exquisite place of a whole new dimension when you are truly present with one another.

#2 Stay With Her

We’re not talking about relationships. If it’s not working out, by all means, find the mature and amicable way to end it. What we’re talking about is staying with her during her sexual experience no matter what. Let her journey into the ocean of Eros be okay and judgment-free. Be the banks of the river, if she cries, if she screams, if she gets naughtier than usual or dominates you. Come what may, and let her unleash her inner Goddess. Hold onto your open-mindedness and nonjudgmental stateliness, creating a safe space for her to open up and let her erotic creature show. Letting it flow and diving into the mystery is what make lovemaking deliciously unforgettable.

#3 Stay Open

Do not assume that if you both have reached your orgasm, it’s time to sign off. Be open to the fact that there is more to come after you have climaxed. Stay connected with her, even if you can’t have an erection again. That’s totally normal. Being connected with her is what matters. Be there for her, if she wants to have more orgasms, or just talk and fade into you and your world. What helps with this is giving her that sensual energy throughout the day, outside the bedroom. Doing things like letting your hand slowly slide down her back, gently brushing away her hair, nuzzling into her neck and saying how amazing it was last night or this morning. Extend that lustful energy outside sex, so that the entire relationship becomes a sensual dance that keeps the fire going.

Keep experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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