Why Her Pleasure Matters

Doctors have found that all women are capable of squirting. Squirting can signify an intense orgasm for women. These orgasms are a direct result of her arousal. If you want to make her squirt, you’re going to have to focus on her pleasure. Your favorite position might not be the way to get her there. In this case you’ll need to focus on what turns her on and what helps her relax so she can enjoy the most pleasure. Creating the right conditions for her to squirt are just as critical as the actions themselves.


Create An Atmosphere

Despite what videos may portray, squirting can take up to 30 minutes for some women. Focusing on her pleasure will not only ensure she will squirt, but will also bring her there faster. A large portion of that comes from making her feel comfortable. It’s in the small things like making sure your place is clean, having lube available, and reassuring her that you find squirting sexy.


Focus On The G Spot

Pleasure is a great way to get her body to relax and prepare for penetration. Squirting is primarily done when the G-spot is stimulated. The G-spot is located in the vaginal canal about two inches deep on the front of the vaginal wall. It requires consistent engagement and a fair amount of pressure. Make sure you check in with her to determine the correct amount of pressure she needs to bring her to orgasm.


Help With The Release

So much of squirting has to do with how a woman feels just before it happens. If she tenses up it won’t happen. Due to the nature of squirting the debate surrounding it can make some women feel uncomfortable. It has been speculated to be urine but has scientifically yet to be proven by sufficient research.  The speculation most likely comes from a woman’s tendency to feel as if she has to pee when she is about to squirt. She may feel uncomfortable with the association and be hesitant to allow herself release when she feels it coming though it’s completely natural. You’ll want to communicate with her that you want to make her squirt and that you find it arousing.


Remember, without adequate stimulation and engagement she won’t be able to squirt. Keep the focus on her pleasure and you’ll both be sure to enjoy the process. Take your time.

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