30 Days of Sex Challenge

30 Days of Sex Challenge
– It HAS to happen every day
– Must be penetrative sex
– Hand jobs/Oral alone doesn’t count
Dr. Ava Cadell, renown sexologist, weighs in:
There are many benefits of having regular sex in a relationship. You will have an increase in intimacy and communication. As well as you know each other already, you will get to know even more. You will both feel wanted, desired, sexy and loved. Sex keeps the spark lit in a relationship. It keeps your relationship healthy in all aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Couple #1 have been together for 5 years.
Couple #2 have been together for 11 months.
Couple #3 have been together for 6 years.
Day 1
Couple #3
The challenge has begun and so far so good!
Day 4
Couple #2
They forgot to have sex before bed and ended up waking up in the night to have sex.
Day 7
Couple #1
They are already fed up and don’t want to have sex anymore.
Day 8
Couple #2
They experience their first failure. They are finding moving into a new place to be an obstacle in the way of sex.
Day 15
Dr. Cadell asks Couple #2 how their relationship has changed. The female partner replies that she usually has an orgasm every time they have sex. During the challenge, she has only orgasmed about 50% of the time. As a couple, they are not enjoying sex as much anymore. Dr. Cadell suggests making sex more of an adventure by sharing fantasies and adding erotic elements.
Couple #3 enjoy sex once they are into it, but initiation is getting difficult. What was once their favorite thing has turned into a chore. Their goal for the end of the challenge is for sex to not feel like a burden.
The male partner in Couple #1 feels like his penis is going to fall off. Their scheduling isn’t matching up so they are having to have sex at odd times of the day. Their goal for after the challenge is to have sex more often.
Day 21
Couple #2
They are finding it hard to get horny and have missed 4 days. Sex now feels like an obligation.
Day 26
Couple #1
They are sorry they ever said anything negative. Sex every day has become less of a chore and it is part of their daily routine. They highly recommend this challenge for all couples. Everyone should try it at least once.
Day 28
Couple #2
They are looking forward to the end of the challenge. While they learned new things about each other, they do not recommend this challenge.
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