7 Hard Facts About Boners

In this episode of ThinkTank John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston share with us 7 hard facts about boners. Some of these contain good advice for improving the quality of your erections, so keep reading.

#1 Tobacco

Smoking has been found to decrease erection quality and length by about 1cm, which is around half an inch. As if lung deterioration was not enough! Smoking harms your cardiovascular health, and this, in turn, affects your erection, obstructing your blood vessels down there to stretch out to their full potential. So, quit that nasty habit and start exercising! There are countless methods out there that can help you quit smoking, so know that you are supported. Just take that first step to the healthier you, and keep moving forward.

#2 Types

There are three different types of erections: psychogenic, reflexogenic and nocturnal. Psychogenic erections result from a fantasy. The power of the mind, man. Reflexogenic erections result from physical contact. And, nocturnal erections occur during the night, typically during REM sleep. In case you were wondering, REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. During REM sleep your brain activity increases, your pulse quickens, and you have dreams.

#3 Amount

Men on average have 11 erections each day, and 3-5 each night. Don’t think that guys are constantly walking around with boners, okay? Some of these might last for just a few seconds. And, if an erection lasts for more than four hours, go see a doctor! It’s not healthy to have blood rushing to one part of your body for that long.

#4 Animal Kingdom

There are also three different types of erections shape-wise across the animal kingdom. “Straight” erections are the ones in which the erection is of similar width at base and end. The “Eiffel Tower” erection has a wider shaft at the base than at the top. And, the “baseball bat” erection has a base that is narrower than at the tip.

#5 Blood

To become erect, penises require about 130ml of blood. Clearly, that depends on the size of your penis. Blood flow to your penis might be impaired if you have clogs in your veins, cardiovascular issues, if you are smoking and eating junk food. Again, if you want to keep your penis happy, take care of your body. Everything is connected, so your overall health greatly affects the quality of your erections.

#6 Donuts

What?! What does this even have to do with penises?! Well, believe it or not, according to studies, the smell of donuts has been found to increase penile blood flow by 13%. Now, I’m not sure if it was the donut or the sugar that increased arousal, but Hannah claims that it’s the shape of donuts, not the smell.

#7 Satisfaction

30% of men, on average, are dissatisfied with the duration of their erections. So, if you are not happy with your boner, you are not alone. But, why would you beat yourself over it? First and foremost, let’s establish that it’s how you use it, not how big it is. And, secondly, if you can’t last for as long as you want to, there are numerous things you can do to fix that. So, get off your sorry ass, and learn tips and tricks on how to last longer in bed.

Love and take care of you, my friends, and until next time!

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