My Daily Sexual Self-Care Practice

“The Headmistress of Pleasure” as seen in Women’s Health Magazine Layla Martin talks about daily sexual self-care practice. Layla has studied sexuality at Stanford University and in Asia with Tantric masters, so her knowledge on the subject is vast and expert. She has been featured on the Huffington Post, CBS, Playboy, etc. So, what’s with the self-care?

Well, hygiene might be the number one thing that comes to your mind, and it should! But that’s for another time. In this video, Layla discusses how basic practices of giving pleasure to yourself can really help you get in tune with your body. Whether you are in a relationship or not, it’s important to give your body that which it desires. And, love has never hurt anyone.

Sexual self-practice is something you do every day or almost every day. It keeps you sexually vibrant and alive. The routine goes like this:

1) Breast / Testicle Massage

If you are the one with breasts, either in the morning or night time, give yourself a basic breast massage. You know your body the best, so you’ll know what feels good. It can last for around 30 seconds, or more, depending on your preference.

If you are the one with testicles, do the same thing to your family jewels, my man. Put some coconut oil on your palms and rub your testicles the way they want to be stroked. Touching yourself equals giving your body love, which helps you connect to yourself, so why the hell not?

2) Jade Egg Practice / Conscious Masturbation

If you are the one with the vagina, pop a jade egg inside. Jade eggs are used to clear chi pathways in the body, cultivate sex energy, and invigorate life force. You can do basic pelvic movements and squeezes with the jade egg inserted. Check out Layla’s channel for more information about these.

If you are the one with the penis, have a conscious masturbation practice. As you masturbate, involve breathing exercises. Stay present, and circulate your energy in a circuit throughout your body. Just 5 minutes a day of this can dramatically improve your sex life.

3) Ecstatic Blissful Experience

A full orgasm is amazing, of course. But, you can achieve bliss without climaxing. For women, Layla recommends 5 minutes of pussy breathing. Mouth open, breathing in and out of your pelvis and your pussy. And, either touching your hair or your body, stroking your vulva.

Pretty basic practices, but doing things like these every day is a massive game-changer. The love you give to your body is what you manifest!

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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