How to Touch a Boob

In this episode of Sexplanations, Dr. Lindsey Doe talks about how to touch a boob, whether it’s you pleasuring yourself or pleasuring your partner.

Before we get into the dos and don’ts of breast-fondling, note that touching breasts stimulates the release of oxytocin, the so-called love hormone that facilitates pair-bonding. It decreases stress, pain, and depression, while increasing pleasure. According to the researchers at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, touching breasts can fight breast cancer. Neat, eh? Now that we have covered the benefits of breast-fondling, let’s get into how to do it like a pro.

First and foremost, ask for permission. Saying things like “Can I touch you here?”, “Can I touch your top?”, “Can I touch your tits?”. If the person says no, do not under any circumstances touch their breast, because consent is mandatory! If the person says yes, then proceed with clothes on first. Touching their breasts through a fabric of clothing is very sensual. You want to build up to it and go slow.

Now, if the clothes have already come off, make sure your hands are soft. If they are not, put on lotion or satin-like gloves. Come up from behind or the side, and move from the waist or neck sensually to the breasts. Going straight for the boobs might make the person feel like their chest is being honked. And, going too quickly might feel like you are clobbering them. Let me reiterate this important part to all foreplay – SLOW DOWN.

As you are exploring their breasts, move your hands around their breasts with light and deep strokes. Let your fingers delicately circle the areolae, spiraling closer and closer to the nipples. There’s also tugging, stretching, holding, patting, kneading, and tickling you can do, as long as you start gently to gauge how it feels for them.

If there’s more than one breast, treat them equally, unless they don’t want you to touch one of their boobs. Also, what they have enjoyed in the past might be something they might not like now. Some breasts change a lot as hormones fluctuate. One week it might feel pleasurable for them to hold their breasts firmly, while the next week it might be extremely painful. One solution to this is to learn the person’s cycle; another is to ask in the moment whether or not they like what you’re doing, and as the third option you can reset your approach each time you go to touch boobs.


  • Compliment their breasts while you’re touching them.
  • Try a variety of sensations, like feathers, ice, wax, oil, silk…
  • Give breasts focused attention.
  • Do breast bondage if everyone’s into it.
  • Suckle, kiss, lick, grope, nuzzle.
  • Do motorboat, if you feel like fooling around with them.
  • Titty-fuck, if it’s consensual, of course.


  • Don’t bite unless you are instructed to.
  • Don’t cover their boobs with whipped cream or sticky syrup of any kind unless you plan to thoroughly clean it all off.
  • Don’t touch their breasts so much that they become raw.
  • Don’t aggressively speed bag anyone’s boobs.

Trauma to the breasts from too much pressure on them can lead to fat necrosis, or scarring of the damaged tissue; so proceed with gentleness and mindfulness.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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