How She Wants You To Handle Her Breasts

Have you ever wondered how your woman wants you to handle her breasts? There is nothing wrong in asking her how she likes it, but it’s good to do your research and learn the proper way of fondling her bosom.

In this episode of AskMen, Marlee Kostiner gives us several useful tips.

Cup them from behind.

Standing behind her and caressing her breasts can create a very sensual experience. You can start with massaging her shoulders, and then work your way down to her chest. Doing this in front of the mirror so that both of you can see each other can feel more exciting. Caressing your woman’s breasts releases chemicals, called oxytocin, in her brain, which enhances her mood. So, be sure to give her a good breast-massage during foreplays.

Use your lips and tongue.

Saliva creates natural lubrication, which can feel amazing on her nipples. The nipples are very sensitive, so if you are using your fingers too much, they might get irritated. It’s important to incorporate your mouth when giving love to her titties. Do not focus solely on her nipples, though, for too much licking might desensitize them. Lick around her nipples, kiss her breast. The top part of the breast, above the nipple, is proven to be the most sensitive part of the breast, so explore all of her bosom, not just her nipples.

Get her wet.

A shower is a great place for foreplay. Hot water will make her breasts even more sensitive to your touch. You can gently lather her body with soap while caressing. Just make sure you are gentle, and your movements feel natural. And, take your time.

Rub above her bra.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until her bra is off to start fondling her breasts. It can feel pleasurable for her to rub above the material. This, however, should not last long. If you keep caressing her bosom over her bra, it might start to feel uncomfortable for her. Start with playing with the fabric, maybe sliding your fingers inside if her bra is stretchable, teasing her, and then when the time feels right, set her free from it.


You have to proceed with caution when it comes to motorboating. This creates more of a comedic moment than a sensual one. So, if you are at the beginning of the relationship, try to postpone it for a later time. If you two have the same sense of humor, it might be a fun thing to do during foreplay. The sensation might be ticklish for her, and being tickled naturally leads to arousal. If you two are playing around and being silly, then motorboating would make for a fun experience.

Be gentle and rough.

Women appreciate tenderness, especially when it comes to her breasts. Alternating between gentle and rough strokes is good. If you want to grope her, make sure you build up to it. Start with gentle caresses, then grip her tighter and see if she responds positively to your touches. The key to all foreplay and sex is to pay attention to your partner’s reactions, verbal cues, and body language. Some women like gentleness throughout the play, while others like it a bit rough. So, touch your woman the way she likes to be touched.

Tease her.

A lot of women’s arousal is a mental game, so teasing her is sure to set the mood. Touching her breasts lightly with a feather or ice cubes can feel very arousing. Also barely touching her with your hands, lightly grazing her nipples is sure to turn her on and create good sexual tension.

Tug gently on her nipples.

No poking or twisting the nipples. They are extremely sensitive, so you have to be very careful when handling those babies. Gentle tugging, especially with your mouth over them, can feel very nice. Again, pay attention to how she is reacting to whatever you are doing. But, don’t overthink it. Enjoy giving her love. The more you get off on her pleasure, the more she will relax and open up for you.

Have fun experimenting, my friends, and until next time!

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