50 Sex Tips Women Wish Men Knew

These are the top 50 sex tips women wish men knew.

  1. Choose your moment. Women need to be in the mood for sex.
  2. Slow and steady wins the race!
  3. Sex in the shower can wash away natural lubrication. Practice on dry land first.
  4. Try leaning back while thrusting. It will instantly improve the angle and sensation for her.
  5. There is no one perfect sex position. Find out what she likes best.
  6. Laugh! Bodies make funny noises, turn any awkwardness into part of the fun.
  8. Explore the body – sensitive areas like her neck, ear lobes, and inner thighs.
  9. Communicate . If you want to try something new, tell her!
  10. Sex is better on top of the covers, not under them! Throw that comforter on the floor.
  11. Use a pillow to prop up her hips for deeper penetration.
  12. If she says she’s about to cum, don’t stop or change what you’re doing.
  13. Watermelon is natural viagra.
  14. Not every woman appreciates oral. Don’t assume your partner does!
  15. Being naked in front of someone new is nerve-wracking. Be complimentary.
  16. Massage the area around the clitoris, not just the clit itself.
  17. Don’t assume your partner likes doggy-style.
  18. When you are going down on her, use your tongue and your fingers.
  19. Real women usually don’t perform like porn stars in the bedroom. Don’t expect that of your partner.
  20. Cut your nails before you use your fingers!
  21. Clean sheets are the second largest turn on for women.
  22. Tease her. Do everything but sex until neither of you can wait any longer.
  23. Use a gentle technique for oral sex.
  24. Don’t forget about kissing. It makes mind-blowing sex even more amazing.
  25. If you are nervous about suggesting a new position, joke about it first.
  26. Talk dirty to her. Tell her how much she turns you on.
  27. If you are getting a blowjob, don’t push her head down further.
  28. Don’t be silent. Women love to hear you enjoying yourself too!
  29. Give her a cuddle. Don’t just roll over and go to sleep.
  30. The best time to ask about trying a new fantasy is while you’re in bed.
  31. Take your socks off before your pants.
  32. Listen to the sounds she is making and react to them. Moaning is good, silence is bad.
  33. Try having sex somewhere new. Do it outdoors!
  34. Keep yourself trimmed but don’t go overboard.
  35. Tell your partner when you are going to come.
  36. Keep some lube handy.
  37. Increase your confidence to release your inner sex god.
  38. Abstain for a little. If you don’t have sex for a week, when you do it will be mindblowing.
  39. She wants you to finish as badly as you want to finish.
  40. Foreplay is not a means to an end!
  41. Build your stamina. Get fit and last longer!
  42. Sex is sticky and sweaty and messy – embrace it!
  43. Find The G-spot.
  44. Vary the mood. Rough and dominant to soft and romantic.
  45. If you have trouble with premature ejaculation try male kegel exercises.
  46. If you are trying anal – LUBE UP.
  47. Don’t expect oral sex if you are not offering it back.
  48. Use toys.
  49. Be enthusiastic so she knows you are having a good time.
  50. Biting is NOT as sexy as it looks in movies.

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